How to Clean Your Room in Case of Unexpected Guests

Four Parts:Motivate yourselfFirst things firstIf there is still timeFinishing touches

Uh oh! You just got a call from your houseproud mother-in-law saying she will be there in half an hour! The rest of your house is clean but not your bedroom and you just know she'll stick her head in there to see how the cleaning is going... Here's a quick clean up process to follow.

Part 1
Motivate yourself

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    Turn on your radio or CD player to your favorite station or playlist. This will help you get and stay pumped for cleaning fast.

Part 2
First things first

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    Make the bed. Your bed is the centerpiece of the room. If your bed is neat, it will give an immediate impression of a cleaner room.
    • Focus on neatness above all. If you have the time, change to clean and fresh sheets to improve the look and fragrance. If you're offering your room to the guest as a favor, you must change the sheets.
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    Clear away clutter. This will help provide a neat and tidy look to the whole room.
    • Clean up any dirty/clean clothes on the floor. Put them in the hamper. (Any clothes that touched the floor can be considered dirty anyway.)
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    • Pick up any trash. Throw it away.
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    Clear away remaining mess. If there are more things on the ground, pick them up and neatly place them a side a tote to hang up on your door.
    • If your guest will be staying in your room, make your room less junked up. To do this, put unnecessary things where will not be in the way of the guest(s).
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    Close any open drawers or doors.
    • Put things into drawers and cabinets before closing.
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Part 3
If there is still time

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    Quickly "organize" your shelves and your desk. It doesn't have to be to neat but just place the scattered papers in a neat pile. 2 minutes
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    Vacuum the floor. If you have time vacuum the floor and dust the room. If the guest is staying in the room, do not skip this step.
    • Alternatively, if the floor is wooden or linoleum, sweep it and shake rugs outdoors or even out the window, to save time.

Part 4
Finishing touches

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    Take the trash out.
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    Spray air freshener all over the room.
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    Wait at the door for your guest. With luck, you'll have at least a minute or two to compose yourself.


  • If possible, ask your friends or relatives to tell you at least an hour ahead that they're coming. Or, ask that they respect your choice of time.
  • If your friends or relatives are prone to turning up often out of the blue, try to keep your room clean, or at least a little clean at all times.
  • Keep an air freshener in your room to keep it smelling fresh and clean instead of stale.

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