How to Clean Your House for a Sleepover

So your friends are coming over for a night? You need your house looking clean if you ever want them to come again; here is the ultimate house cleaning guide!


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    Clean everywhere! Even though you may be in your bedroom all night, you will leave it eventually, and your house needs to look clean; no one wants to stay in a dirty place all night! If any rooms are strictly 'out of bounds', like your parents room or an office, then don't worry about that, just keep the doors to them rooms closed.
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    The hallway. It's the first place your guests are going to see, it needs to be inviting! You will need to:
    • Hoover - people walk in and out of your hallway all day, so this might take some time.
    • Polish anywhere - some people have surfaces in their hallways, or vases, make sure all flowers are fresh and there is no dust lying about.
    • Tidy away any clutter - the most common clutter you are going to get around the hall is shoes, put them in your wardrobe, or on a shoe rack, just make sure they're put away tidily.
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    Be sure to clean the living/family room. It's normally the place families spend most of their time, so make it look cozy and clean!
    • Hoover - again if you have pets or a family member with dirt shoes, your carpet could look dirty and smelly. If you have wooden floors, then wash them! Vacuum your carpet and put baking soda or cornstarch to get rid of smells and stains.
    • Polish - polish all surfaces, and photo frames, if you have family albums, and the television screen and multimedia players.
    • De-clutter - make sure everything is looking neat and tidy, all living rooms are different, but make sure all wires are not visible, laptops are safely out of the way, and anything else is neat, arrange photo albums, and stack up any DVD's and music cases.
    • Last touches - if you have a reclining sofa or chair, make sure that it's pushed in and not in the way, and close all the entrances, closed doors will add to a neater feeling.
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    Clean the kitchen. This can be a hard place to clean, considering your family could be making stuff all day! Just make sure you clean this room about an hour before. How dirty can one room get in an hour?
    • Wash the floors - kitchen floors can get mucky easily, so clean them up sweep up and food or clutter.
    • Clean surfaces - clean all the surfaces around your kitchen, if you have a stove get an adult to clean that, because it could still be hot, and you don't want to burn yourself!
    • Clean away mess - personally we have a lot of clutter around like mail, and keys, keep this as minimal as you can, and put away and food items
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    Be sure the dining room is clean. This is where you and your guests are going to eat, you really don't want it to be dirty!
    • Hoover or wash the floors - again, everyone will see your floor so it must be clean!
    • Wash and polish the dining room table - if peoples food are going to be on here, it needs to be spotless.
    • Clean the place mats - just give them a wipe over with a damp cloth, and dry of.
    • Wash cutlery - do the washing up! Clean all your glasses, and mugs (in case people want some hot chocolate later) and plates, also wash knives, forks and spoons.
    • The computer room / office - if you don't have a laptop, and you and your friends are allowed, clean the office.
    • Hoover - yes, yes, hoover will be on every one!
    • Polish surfaces - make sure you keep all the important paperwork in the same place!
    • Clean the computer - wipe down the computer screen, keyboard, mouse, and printer ( if you have one.)
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    Don't forget your bedroom. It's the place your most likely to stay all night, so make it look good!
    • Hoover - again with the hoovering!
    • Polish - polish anywhere, and everywhere, making sure all photo-frames, and laptops are dust-free!
    • Clean your bed-sheets - keep these smelling fresh, and make sure your bed is made!
    • Keep the curtains open, and let in light.
    • De-clutter - if you're a teenager, the chances are your room won't be that tidy, but make sure it is! You need a place to hang-out with your friends and if there is mess about, space will be taken up, put away clothes, shoes, and general clutter, including your dirty laundry out of sight!
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    Definitely don't forget the bathroom. Chances are a guest will need the bathroom at some point, so make sure it's crystal clean in there!
    • Floors - you know what I am going to say ... wash the floors!
    • Wash everywhere - clean the toilet, shower, bath and sink, and polish the mirrors!
    • Keep sanitation items neat - keep these in groups, or in your cabinets, also you might want to get anything embarrassing out of sight!
    • Finishing touches - keep the toilet seat down, and the bathroom door closed all the time.

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