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Have you become overwhelmed with your messy home, and everyone is gone? Or really wanted to impress your Mom and Dad? Well then these easy, broken-down steps are for you! You will be surprised when you are done.


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    Set a goal. Look around your home, in drawers, under couches etc... Determine what it looks like now compared to what you wish for it to look like.Make it like a game.Figure up your amount of time. Match your amount of time and how clean you want it to be, and determine how quickly you will need to clean.
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    Get ready to clean. You should eat a snack, get a drink in something you can carry around without spilling, go potty, and be motivated. Find a small laundry basket to put your tools in. Your needed supplies are listed below.
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    Throw away things. Anything that is is trash, broken, old, gross, etc. is put in the trash. Look in drawers, under things etc...Empty all trash cans in the main one, and POOF! No more trash in the entire house. You should now take out the trash.
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    Tackle the clutter.Go through the entire home and pick up as many out-of-place items as you can and put them where they go. Don't bother with drawers and such now. That will come later.
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    Go to the first room in your home. In my case this is the laundry room so I will begin there. Firstly, you should put a load of clothes in the washer. Now, sort the clothes by color, or the color will mix and Put the in baskets and leave them outside of the room. The closet (If you have one) should be organized. Put the cleaning supplies here, coats there etc... Make all labels in there face you. Go to the cabinets (If you have any) The cabinets should have only washer detergent, fabric softeners etc... Brush the ceiling, and machines with the broom and finally the floor. Wipe the washer and dryer down with a damp cloth and dry with paper towels. If necessary wash the window(s)lastly, put an air freshener, Febreze etc. in there to get away any strange stench from the clothes. Put the laundry baskets in there, and stand back to admire, but not for too long!
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    The next room. The next room in my home is a hallway which we store shoes, coats, and bags in. Sort through the shoes throwing what is broken, ugly, or too big/small. Sweep the ceiling and walls again along with the floor. Mop the floor, stand back and admire.
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    The kitchen. The kitchen should first be swept on the ceiling and walls. Now, go around the house and gather the dishes. Put them in the sink and begin washing with water on the highest temperature possible and soap. Now, put the dishes away. Wipe the counters with a bit of your pine-sol on a damp rag. Go ahead and do that to the stove, sink, cabinets, and fridge as well. Look in the cabinets and throw away out of date or nasty food. Sweep the floor. Mop and wash windows if needed. Put a 'Scentsy' or 'Febreeze' in too! Look at what you have accomplished! :0
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    The Family (living) room. This should be the most comfortable room of all in the home. Firstly, Sweep the walls and ceiling. Now, wipe down all of the furniture with some pine-sol. Go get the vacuum and vacuum the couches. Shake out rugs etc...Wash the windows if needed. Sweep, and mop. Lastly, put on something that smells good. For the living room, I suggest candles.
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    The guest bathroom. Firstly, run a bit of scalding water in the bath with a bit of pine-sol. Put the soaps, shampoos on the shelves in the shower, and close the curtain. Now, hold the toilet seat up and put some pine-sol in there as well as a toilet bowl cleaner. Let it sit and scrub! Flush it, and wipe all surfaces with a rag dipped in the solution in the tub. Sort the cabinet and shelves. Sweep, then mop if needed. Put a dirty clothes basket in there, drain the water and leave this room. I have a hallway outside of here which I sweep the walls, ceiling and floor of as well.
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    All the house is done! All that is left is the bedrooms. You should probably get everyone to clean their own bedroom, and bathroom. Your house is clean, and now you are presented the problem of keeping it that way...Good luck!


  • Put any animals outside, or away while you clean.
  • Open windows.
  • Newspaper on glass works much better than rags as it won't streak.
  • Put something smelly in every room.
  • When washing dishes always wear gloves as some dish detergents can be harsh on skin and nails.

Things You'll Need

  • Pine-sol
  • Broom
  • Vacuum
  • Laundry baskets
  • Laundry detergent
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Rag
  • Newspaper (Optional)
  • Motivation

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