How to Clean Up a wikiHow Article

Articles that are in the cleanup category are articles that need formatting and copyediting. You can find them in the category and start editing them to improve them. These articles usually need a lot of improvement, and you can get started by editing articles from the Cleanup Category.


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    Go to the cleanup category. You can also use the Cleanup Greenhouse, which will give you articles that need “cleaning.”
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    Choose an article to cleanup.
    • Skip this part of the process if you are using the greenhouse.
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    Click on the edit article link at the top right or top left.
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    Start to format and copyedit the article.
    • Fix any spelling mistakes. If the spelling is spelled other ways in other countries (such as colour instead of color, practise instead of practice, etc.) do not fix it.
    • Fix punctuation errors. Add a “.” at the end of a sentence, commas (,) for a list (e.g. Use paper, a pen, and a pencil), a colon (:) to introduce a list, etc.
    • Start each step with a verb and remove any words such as next, then, finally, etc.
    • Use the correct number of “=” for creating a sub-section. “= Steps =” can cause formatting problems, so add two = signs (== Steps == ) to fix the formatting.
    • Fix any broken links and remove links that violate policy.
    • Remove personal references, such as “I” and “me,” to prevent discouragement to new editors or readers.
    • Fix formatting problems for the sub-section and “Steps” headers.
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    Remove the tag. Only do this if you think that the article has been completely cleaned up. Leave the tag on if you think the article still needs some work.


  • Do not remove the tag if the article is not completely cleaned up. Leave it if it still needs improvement. Remove the tag if it is completely cleaned up.
  • You won't need to choose any article you like or click the edit link when using the greenhouse. The Cleanup Greenhouse chooses an article for you automatically, and instead of an edit link, it gives you a button that says “Yes, edit this article.”

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