How to Clean up a Garage After a Flood

Having your house flood can be a harrowing experience, but more so in your garage if it is packed with household belongings and possessions.It is always best to contact a local water mitigation professional.


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    Know what kind of water you are dealing with. In the simplest form there are two forms of flood water:
    • Fresh Water - This water would be from a fresh water supply line or other potable water source.
    • Contaminated Water - This water would be from a contaminated source which include the obviously contaminated sources like sewage, but also possibly contaminated sources such as rainwater or even fresh water that has been stagnant for days. If water is contaminated, all contaminated materials (including dry wall) should be disposed of and it is highly recommended to call professionals in this situation.
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    Stop the water. Close off the supply lines, or kill the water at the main shut off valve. If the water is coming out of the drains contact a drainage or septic company.
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    Remove all dry belongings that could become contaminated that you can get to without going through contaminated areas.
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    Call a water mitigation company and/or your insurance company. This is especially if your flood water is contaminated.
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    Let the professionals do their job.

For Do-It-Yourself

  1. Only do this if it is from fresh water.
  2. Stop the spread of water, if it is still spreading.
  3. Take all wet materials to a place to dry.
  4. Remove puddled water, by soaking it up with a towel/mop or vacuum it up with a wet/dry vac.
  5. Allow airflow to speed the drying process.
  6. Wait until water has evaporated.
  7. Sanitize and clean the area.


  • If you have very important documents that HAVE to be saved freeze them as soon as possible. There are companies that can freeze dry items. Meaning that instead of letting water run off the page, which can smear ink, they sublime ice off.
  • Call professionals. They have specialized equipment for locating water that may have wicked into walls or other water that you can not see and specialized equipment properly dry the flood.
  • Act fast. Water flows and will continue to seep into things even if puddles are not growing.


  • Floods can lead to mold issues. If the flooding has occurred for more than a few days treat the water as contaminated.
  • Treat rain/storm/river water like sewage. If you're not sure that water is fresh and potable, treat it as contaminated.

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