How to Clean Trash Compactors and Make It Run Efficiently

Trash compactors are useful recycling equipments that are increasingly finding their way in the kitchen. They can be easily installed under the kitchen cabinet or you can buy a stand alone trash compactor for your kitchen, the top of which can effectively serve as a useful counter for you. The purpose of installing a trash compactor is to compact the size of your trash to a significant effect. These therefore help you do away with the sight and nuisance of overflowing garbage bins and can also reduce the number of trips you need to make to the dumpster. To make this useful appliance work efficiently for years you need to clean them on a regular basis.

Though advanced trash compactors of today are designed to be maintenance free it would be good to understand how you should clean them and make them run function effectively. Besides, cleaning the trash compactor frequently keeps it free of any residue, prevents harmful bacterial growth and keeps the appliance free of nasty odors.


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    Plug-out trash compactor: Turn off your appliance and disconnect it from the power source before you begin cleaning your trash compactor.
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    Wear gloves: Wear rubber or thick canvas gloves to protect your hands when cleaning the inside of the machine.
    Wear Gloves
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    Clean the outside area. Begin cleaning from the outside and then clean the interiors of your trash compactor
    1. To clean the exterior, use mild detergent soap and a cloth to wipe off dust, grease and any stains.
    2. Check the instruction manual for specific instructions as per the material used in the exterior.
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    Clean the interior.
    1. To clean the interiors, first remove the bag full of compacted trash, close it tightly and keep it aside for disposal.
    2. Clean special parts. Inside the trash compactor, the parts that require special cleaning are the ones that come into close contact with your trash such as the pressing ram and the container which holds the trash bag. This is because, sometimes the trash bag may become torn and contents may leak onto the container.
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    Begin cleaning the ram. Pull out the drawer first. Using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, suck out any loose debris, glass or metal particles.
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    Clean the ram
    • Further cleaning the ram: Wearing gloves clean the ram and other parts that help in the compaction of trash with the help of warm water and soft cloth.
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    Get rid off unpleasant odor: To keep the machine free of unpleasant odor spray antibacterial cleaner onto the interior surface of the container and the pressing ram.
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    Finally rinse off with water: Now, rinse using plain water. Thorough clean and dry the interior using cloth. Make sure all parts are dried completely before your place the drawer back and put in a fresh trash bag.


  • It is advisable to spray a germ-killing deodorant or disinfectant in the inside of your trash compactor between cleaning to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • If your trash compactor has a filter, replace it once a year.

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