How to Clean Satin Pillows and Cushions

Satin pillows and cushions sitting on sofas, beds, etc. can become a little shabby after a time. This easy cleaning method will help to restore their shine and charm.


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    Attach the soft brush attachment to the vacuum cleaner. Start the cleaner and move the brush gently over each pillow or cushion to remove all dust, fluff, etc. Be careful around ornamental parts of the pillow.
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    Treat stains. If there are stains on any of the pillows or cushions, these should be treated with spot cleaning focused just on the stain:
    • Sprinkle flour or talcum powder over the stain.
    • Leave the cushion or pillow sitting stain face-up overnight.
    • The next day, brush off the excess that hasn't soaked in. The stain should be removed.
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    Launder. If you cannot remove a stain using the method suggested previously, you could try laundering a cushion or pillow that has a removable cover. Use gentle washing liquid and do this by hand.
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  • Seek professional help if you cannot remove stains by your own methods or if the pillow or cushion is particularly delicate.


  • Always treat stains immediately. Liquid and solids soaks up and dries into the material. So the longer you leave them, the harder they will be to remove.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Soft brush attachment
  • Flour or talcum powder
  • Gentle laundry soap (optional, only if able to launder)

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