How to Clean Rusty Garden Tools With Tea

When gardening tools get rusty, there is a super easy method to get the rust off using plain, ordinary tea. Follow these steps for a healthy and eco-friendly solution.


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    Make a very strong black tea. You will need as much tea as will cover the garden tools that you are de-rusting, so perhaps a few kettle boils might be needed. Leave it to cool down before using.
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    Pour the tea into a container such as a bucket.
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    Place the rust garden tools into the tea and leave to soak for a few hours.
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    Return later with a cleaning cloth. Remove the tools from the soak and rub over the rust. The rust should come off on the cloth without much effort.
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    Ensure that the tools are fully dried before placing them back in storage.
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  • Wear rubber gloves while doing this or your hands will be stained by the tea.

Things You'll Need

  • Strong black tea
  • Container such as a bucket
  • Cleaning rag or cloth
  • Rusty garden tools
  • Rubber gloves for anti-stain protection

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