How to Clean Out Your Home

Get rid of unused, old and unwanted stuff and make your home more user friendly.


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    Pick an area in your home to start with, preferably the most cluttered (your room,the study, storeroom...)
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    Start by choosing a corner in that room and taking everything out and putting them on the floor.
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    Sort the objects out in order of value starting from (Real rubbish to I might have kept this for some reason to Definitely cannot throw away or lose). Hint: If you haven't used it, seen it, thought of it or knew it existed for more than 2 years, put it in the rubbish pile and don't look back.
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    Get the largest plastic/paper bag and put all the rubbish inside.
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    Sort out all the stuff you have kept for no apparent reason other than the feeling that it might come in useful someday into various categories.
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    Decide what has to go. Here, we really need to sometimes force ourselves to throw away little knick knacks, weird stuff that we have been collecting.Add these to the bag(s) of rubbish.
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    Arrange the remainder of the stuff neatly so that after you're done your important stuff can be found easily and is not under piles of trash.
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    Work your way around the room, then around your home and then it will look very VERY neat and less claustrophobic


  • If you feel that throwing everything in the garbage isn't too environmentally friendly, find a freecycle group in your area and give everything away. Or bring it to your local non-profit store that allows you to dump your stuff. And always remember, if it was headed to the dump when you found it, letting it complete its journey may be best for everyone. Don't feel guilty.
  • Keep a vacuum cleaner handy when you unleash old piles of junk.
  • Definitely throw away: Broken/ nonfunctional objects, little bits of paper, plastic and metal, old magazines/books, ugly furniture also and everything else that you don't and won't need
  • If you have a keepsake that brings back good memories, but you don't have space for it, just take a picture of it so you will remember forever!
  • When need be, force yourself to throw something away if you are sure you don't need it, keepsakes will only return your place to its previous condition
  • Be patient, give yourself about 1 week for every room.


  • When throwing away scraps of paper, be sure to shred anything that might have personal finance information on it.
  • Make sure you double check what you are disposing of
  • Ask permission before getting rid of other peoples stuff, unless, of course , you are 100% sure that he or she has totally forgotten about it.

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