How to Clean for a Sleepover

If you're having a sleepover soon, then it's important to clean the house, especially the areas where you'll be spending the most time in. If you're having a sleepover sometime soon, and and you'd like to know how you can clean your house easily for it, then keep reading this article.


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    Decide where the sleeping area will be. Tidy this area really good, and make sure it has enough room for everyone including you.
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    Vacuum and sweep the floor well, especially areas where sleeping bags, pillows, quilts, stuffed animals, and people will be.
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    If you have pets, clean up all pet hairs and dander in case of allergies. Use pet cleaning tape to roll hairs off cushions, carpet, bedding, and other surfaces. Keep them outside or in another room so they will stay out of the way and not knock anything over.
    • Wipe down all dusty areas twice to remove any potential allergens, and to ensure that it looks neat and tidy.
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    Tidy up generally around the house. Pick up any clothes, papers, books, shoes, and other things from the floor, and put them in their correct places. If you are unsure of where an item goes, then don't be afraid to ask your parents.
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    Clean the bathroom that guests will be using. Ensure that there are enough hand towels for guests to use, and put in adequate toilet paper in the toilet paper holder.
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    Clean the toilet thoroughly. If you know that your toilet has been cleaned recently, and it doesn't look dirty, then this step may not be as necessary as the others.
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    Add an air freshener to the room you'll be in. Make sure that the smell is not too strong, because some smells can make people nauseous or have a headache if they are too strong.
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    Wipe down mirrors, cabinet tops thoroughly, and clean the hand basin (sink). This can be done using a sponge, as well as paper towels and glass cleaner to use for the mirror.
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    Clean the shower and bath areas. Even if they won't be used, give them a cleaning, as some people may look and notice it if it's really dirty.
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    Be sure that there is enough soap for people to use. Provide both liquid and solid soap choices, in case someone prefers to use one over the other.
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    Clear out under the furniture. If guests are sleeping on the floor, then they'll most likely be able to see under beds, tables, chairs, etc., and you don't want them finding dust bunnies, candy wrappers, stinky socks, or other disgusting things.
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    Wipe down the TV screen if you're going to be watching any movies. Check that all DVDs you plan to watch are clean and unscratched. If the DVD is scratched, or it doesn't work, or has another issue, then alert your parents, and they may be able to fix it. You don't want not being able to watch everyone's favorite movie spoiling the night.
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    Clear away any toys and other loose items that can be tripped over or get in the way. It's also a good idea to remove fragile objects in case they're bumped into or knocked during the fun of the sleepover.
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    If you're offering bedding for your guests, then wash and air it out as needed to ensure that you're giving fresh, clean items to guests. The same for pillows and cushions.
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    Clear any other dust off that you see.


  • Start cleaning earlier in the day. This way, you won't feel rushed, and you'll be able to make sure everything is clean.
  • Once you have finished, go through the house one more time, to make sure that you've cleaned everything well.


  • Even if none of your guests have a pet allergy, it is possible that they've developed one they didn't know about, so be sure to clear the house of pet dander regardless of whether someone has a known allergy or not.

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  • Dusting supplies
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  • Glass cleaner
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