How to Clean Dust Mites

The house mite is not the only mite that will live with you as a parasite and their numbers are increasing with no natural predators. One person can feed a million house mites with their approximately 0.5kg (1lb.) of dead skin shed each year. A concerted plan for control is needed.


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    Reduce the humidity in your house. High humidity facilitates the mites growth and reducing this reduces mite activity.
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    Remove their breeding grounds such as carpets and furnishings, old bedding and covers. Throw these out as the mite eggs have been known to survive up to two years so regular cleaning is necessary.
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    Purchase a filter that constantly traps dust and cleans the air since this is their mode of transport.
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    Clean out cupboards and wipe thoroughly with damp cloth and spray with antibacterial cleaner monthly throughout the room during summer when it is easier to air the rooms.
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    Sealed covers for pillows and mattress are useful to reduce allergy which is where the mites favour due to human sweat and breathing. Wash bedding above 60 degrees centigrade to kill mites and vacuum with a good suction to remove eggs.
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    Use a vacuum with a hepa filter and no dust bag, and clean the room on a daily basis. Some new vacuums come with a UV light to kill the eggs and UVC will radically reduce their population if used frequently but should be used with caution as per manufacturers instructions.
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    Many internet companies claim various frequency generation devices reduce the mites, but the author found no supporting published data. If you find some reliable information please comment.

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