How to Clean Apple Screen

Although Apple have introduced an oleo-phobic coating on all their new touch-screens, normal people don't want to spend £500 on a bit of liquid. This article is going to explain how you can clean your shiny Apple product successfully.


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    Purchase a Micro-fibre cloth. You can get these pretty much anywhere, eBay do them for 50p, Amazon do them for 99p with free P&P. Micro-fibre cloths can be found pretty much anywhere that has anything to do with technology.
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    Remove any large amounts of debris. You can do this using your finger, so dust can just be swept off using your finger, grub (texting while eating chocolate perhaps?) can also be removed with some LIGHT scratching on the area it's in.
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    Slightly damp the micro-fibre cloth. Just run it under a cold tap for literally a couple of seconds. You might find the water runs off, just wet it a little more and wring out as much as you can. Make sure the cloth is only very slightly wet as you could damage your precious Apple device.
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    Place the cloth against the screen and rub them together. Do this for about 20-30 seconds. When you remove the cloth, you'll realise that there may be water marks on the screen, this is where the next step comes in.
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    Wait for the cloth to dry or use another one. Rub the screen in the same way as you did previously.
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    You're done! Now, you'll have a screen that looks as good as new! This technique works just as well for the back of your iPhone, iPad or iPod.


  • When using the cloth DO NOT rub the screen in a circular motion, because all you're doing is spreading the dirt around the screen instead of getting rid of it.
  • Be careful not to get water in the speakers because it could cause the IPhone to stop working!


  • DO NOT use screen cleaner wipes or spray. These damage the screen and break your warranty. So do screen protectors, so if you ever need to take your iPhone to an Apple Store, you've been warned!
  • DO NOT use this technique for computer screens. The pressure can damage them and lead to distorted colours or images being displayed.

Things You'll Need

  • A micro-fibre cloth
  • A tap (or if you're American a 'faucet')
  • A grubby iPhone

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