How to Clean and Remove Circular Barbells

Ah, that new piercing you have in looks pretty nice. But how do you clean and remove the circular barbells without messing it up? Read on and find out.


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    Examine the Piercing. Each time you get a new piercing, you should observe it carefully for a few weeks afterward to avoid infections. If you see any sort of yellow ooze, if the skin surrounding it feels hot or sore for an extended period of time, or if it burns or begins to blister- it could be infected. If this happens, at once take the jewelry out, clean the hole and call your doctor to schedule an appointment. If nothing is wrong, proceed to the next step.
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    Carefully Remove the Barbell. This is fairly easy. If it's a brand spanking new hole you got in your body, you shouldn't do this unless you absolutely have to in order to keep the hole open. Piercings and Gauges shrink down after a few hours, new ones especially so. You should keep the barbell in for at least three days before removing it for any extended period of time.
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    Spray the Hole with Salt Spray or another Cleanser. Most of the time, when you get something pierced, the technician will give you a sample of solution or cleanser to keep it from infection- or they'll let you buy it. If you pierced yourself, use peroxide, alcohol, or a purchased salt spray. Try not to use peroxide or alcohol unless you have nothing else because though they do cleanse, they tend to be very drying which slows healing. Try to look up recipes for salt solutions on the internet.
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    Boil Metal Jewelry or Cleanse it with a Cleanser. An alternative is to hold the jewelry with something (like tweezers) and pass it over a flame a few times, then rub off the sooty black that may appear with water.
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    As Soon as the Hole and Jewelry are Clean, re-insert the Barbell. Screw on any threaded balls or spikes to secure, and you're done! That wasn't so hard, was it?
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  • Don't use peroxide or rubbing alcohol unless nothing else is available because they are very drying.


  • If you think the piercing may be infected, DO NOT take out the jewelry as the piercing may close and trap the infection inside. Leave the jewelry in so the infection can drain and call your doctor.
  • If you think the piercing is infected, remove the jewelry at once and schedule an appointment with your doctor. You can always re-pierce. Better safe than sorry.

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