How to Clean and Organize a DVD Shelf

Two Methods:Rearranging the DVD ShelfUsing a DVD Storage Folder

Organizing a DVD shelf is another form of cleaning and clearing the clutter. It needs to be approached with the mindset of tidying up the DVDs to ensure that they're easy to find, well displayed and the unwanted ones are removed. Here are a few suggestions to make your DVD collection a lot more organized.

Method 1
Rearranging the DVD Shelf

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    Remove all of the DVDs from the shelf or shelves. Separate them into separate piles as you do so, using genres, directors, favorite actors or whatever system you like. A fairly standard approach would be to separate into kids, family, teens, adult, action, rom-coms, sci-fi, thriller, etc. Or, go alphabetical or by color––whatever will help you and other householders find the DVDs they enjoy watching.
    • Use this opportunity to get rid of DVDs that you know you won't ever watch again. Your local thrift store or Freecycle will appreciate a donation of unwanted movies and TV shows, or you can try selling them in an online auction.
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    Clean the shelves. Dust and wipe down the shelves. A feather duster and wet cloth will be useful here. When clean, consider using appropriate polish, unless it's a surface that is not suitable.
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    Dust the DVD jackets. After a while, movie jackets can collect a lot of dust. Removing the dust is not only good for appearance but helps to ensure that the DVDs stay in top condition too.
    • Wipe with a just-dampened cloth. Take care if wiping paper, as it can tear easily when dampened.
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    Restore the DVDs to the shelves. This time, only put them back in the order you've now organized them into. This will require standing back and deciding what sits next to what and where before physically moving the DVDs back onto the shelves.
    • For example, if you organized by genre, then action might go on one shelf while fantasy goes on another. Placement will be determined by just how many DVDs in any one pile or genre you own.
    • It can be helpful to get someone to assist you with putting the DVDs back on the shelves. Depending on how many DVDs you own, this can be quite a workout.

Method 2
Using a DVD Storage Folder

If you lack space or simply don't want lots of DVD cases stacked up anywhere in the house, consider ditching the cases and organizing the DVDs inside a folder instead. This process takes a bit of time up front, but once you have the system in place, you'll find it works really well and restores much-needed space in your home.

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    Organize and separate the disks by movies, music CDs, games, etc. Use the sorting approach suggested in the previous method above to further divide the movies and TV shows by category (family, children, etc). By having piles of each genre or type of movie/TV show, you can simply work across piles per folder.
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    Get a disk storage folder for each category. These can be purchased from music stores, storage stores, etc. Allot a folder per genre or type of movie/TV show as decided by your sorting piles. Check that each folder will be able to contain all the DVDs from each pile; if not, allot more folders to each pile as needed.
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    Take the movies and TV shows out of the DVD cases. Handle with care so as to avoid dropping them or placing fingerprints all over them.
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    Place each DVD in the pre-selected genre or type folder. Stick to one genre or type per folder, to make it easy to find movies and shows again.
    • It can be helpful to remove the case front labels, cut them to fit the folder and place them in the folder behind the relevant DVD. That way, you'll be able to find the right location to return the disk with ease. This also alerts you to missing DVDs, just by looking.
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    Add a label to the front of each DVD storage folder. If you intend storing the folders on their sides, a label should be added down the spine too, to make it easier to locate the DVDs when searching for something to watch.


  • To make it easier for a young sibling who can't read yet, try organizing the kids' movies by color.
  • Sometimes people work better with music. Turn on a song or the radio at a volume that won't distract you.
  • It is a good idea to create electronic catalog of your collection. There are many programs available for your help. For example, "All My Movies" for Windows and "Delicious Library" for Mac. You could include a column for "borrowing" if your friends and family like to borrow DVDs from you.

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