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wikiHow to Clean a Septum Piercing

You are going to need to clean your septum piercing. Unclean septum piercings could lead to serious infection and risks for your health.


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    Clean the septum twice a day. Soak a cotton wool bud or Q-Tip in a salt water or a saline solution. Gently move your piercing to ensure that the solution gets inside the wound. Be sure to remove all crusting—if it is not removed it will harden around the ring and tear the inside of your piercing when the ring moves. Crusting also promotes bacteria growth, and thus infection.
    • Pull the tips of the septum keeper down when you clean your piercing.
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    • Do not pick at any crusting or scabbing with your fingers, as this will lead to excessive scar tissue and infection.
    • Avoid turning and playing with the ring for the first 4 weeks. When cleaning, you should move it very gently, and only enough to thoroughly clean the piercing.
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    Dry the piercing completely after cleaning. This should be done by patting (not rubbing) it with a paper tissue. Don't use a towel—they can harbor bacteria.
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    Use essential lavender oil to help speed up healing. Apply 1-2 drops after cleaning every other day. Remove any excess with a tissue. Be sure not to overuse this, though, as too much lavender oil will cause skin irritation.
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    Do not remove your ring for any reason during the first 8-10 weeks. Also avoid wearing any sort of sleeper for the first few months, as the sharp hinges can cause tearing and infection in the wound.


  • Do no use alcohol to clean your piercing.
  • Be very careful when removing the piercing for the first time. If you are unsure, go into a piercing salon and have them show you the best way to change it.
  • Avoid wearing silver jewelry for the first few months. Silver tends to oxidize in the piercing, which may cause allergic reactions and a permanent black mark on the inside of a new piercing.

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