How to Clean a Pug's Facial Wrinkles

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One of the primary health risks for a pug is infections growing inside their facial wrinkles. This can be easily avoided by cleaning them daily. To clean your pug's wrinkles, select a cleaning supply. Gently lift each wrinkle and clean the skin and fur. Make sure to dry the wrinkles completely after you finish cleaning. If you notice any signs of an infection, take your pug to the vet for evaluation.

Method 1
Beginning the Cleaning Process

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    Select a cleaning product. You can clean your pug's facial folds using a variety of different products. You may have some of these products around your home already, which can save you a trip to the pet store.[1]
    • Canine facial wipes are the best option. You can get them at a pet store, vet's office, or order them online. If you don't have canine facial wipes, hypoallergenic and sanitary baby wipes can work in a pinch.
    • You can use a mixture of 50% dog shampoo and 50% water.
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    Gather other supplies. If you're not using wipes, you will need something to apply your cleaner. You can use a thin, clean rag, cotton swabs, or gauze. You will also need a dry rag to dry off the fur between the folds when you finish cleaning your pug.[2]
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    Inspect the folds prior to cleaning. Do not start cleaning the folds until you make sure they are free of rashes and sores. You do not want to clean a pug's folds if they're irritated, as this can make the issue worse.[3]
    • Gently lift up the folds and examine the skin in between.
    • If the skin is red, do not clean the folds. You should also refrain from cleaning the folds if there's a strong odor or if you notice any sores or a musty smell.
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    Add the solution, if necessary. If you're not using wipes, you will have to add your cleaning solution to a cotton swab, towel, or gauze. Dab the cloth, swab, or gauze in your cleaning solution. You only need a light amount of the solution to clean your pug's facial wrinkles.[4]

Method 2
Completing the Cleaning Process

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    Clean one side of the dog's face. Gently lift up the skin to get to the area between the facial folds. Run the cloth or wipe across the length of the folds. Continue wiping the folds until the cloth is clean after wiping.[5]
    • Make sure to be gentle. Wiping too hard can cause irritation to your pug's skin.
    • Use one sweeping motion when wiping the folds. You do not want to rub the skin.
    • Be sure to wipe the entire length of the facial fold.
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    Clean both sides of the dog's face. Once you've finished cleaning one side of your dog's face, repeat the process on the other side. Use the same process as before. Remember to be gentle and not to rub your dog's skin.[6]
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    Dry your dog's skin completely completely. Leaving the skin between folds wet can cause complications. This greatly increases your dog's risk for skin irritation, rashes, and infections. After you finish cleaning the skin between the folds, use a clean cloth to wipe the skin dry.[7]
    • Again, use a single sweeping motion. Make sure not to rub the skin.
    • Keep swiping until the wrinkle is completely dry to the touch.
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    Reward your pug after grooming. You want your dog to leave a grooming session feeling positive. If your dog dislikes cleaning, it may become resistant to the process. Always make sure to reward your dog after cleaning its facial folds.[8]
    • Give your dog a treat and praise after you finish the cleaning process.
    • You should also talk to your dog throughout the process. Praise it for sitting still and allowing you to clean it.
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    Clean the wrinkles daily. You should clean your dog's facial wrinkles each day. Pugs are very prone to skin rashes and infections due to their facial folds. Daily cleaning is necessary to your dog's health and comfort.[9]

Method 3
Handling Complications

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    Watch for signs of infection. You want to address a potential infection right away. Your dog will need veterinary intervention to address the issue. You may notice browning of the skin between the folds in the case of an infection. You may also notice hair loss and redness.[10]
    • In the event of an infection, there may be a strong, musty smell coming from your dog's face. Any unusual smells should be evaluated by a vet.[11]
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    Seek treatment from a veterinarian. If you suspect an infection, make an appointment with your vet. Your vet can help you think of a safe treatment plan for your dog.[12]
    • You will have to clean the infected area more frequently. You may also have to apply topical medications to the area.
    • In rare cases, the infected skin folds may have to be removed surgically.
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    Take steps to prevent an infection. Daily cleaning is the best means to prevent an infection. However, obese pugs may be more prone to skin infections. If your dog is overweight, talk to your vet about how to address the issue. You may have to cut back on your dog's food or increase its daily physical exercise.[13]


  • Make sure your pug is in a good, calm mood. Trying to clean a hyper pugs face is near impossible.
  • Have patience. A pug may dislike being cleaned initially, but will eventually get used to the process.


  • Never clean your pug's face with just water.
  • You need to make sure the folds are dry after cleaning or else all the work would be counter-productive.
  • Never use soap on the washcloth or a dog face wipe that isn't animal safe.

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