How to Clean a Pillow Case

You're tired from a long day of work, school, or life in general. A shower would be nice, but there's only one thing on which your mind is focused -- sleep. Therefore, you lay down your oily, gelled, hair sprayed head right down onto your perfectly clean pillowcase, unaware of and unconcerned by the muck that will accumulate. Several weeks later, you are disturbed by the fact that this pillowcase you just pulled out of the wash remains stained and slightly smelly. The spot cleaner doesn't even seem to work! What to do???


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    Splash lemon juice onto the stained area.
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    Rub in the juice as you would any pre-wash stain remover.
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    Scrub the stained area. Just rubbing the case with your fingers may not do the trick. A stiff brush may supply the abrasion that you need.
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    Throw it back in the washer!


  • To prevent staining, wash your pillowcase weekly.
  • Remember that those accumulated oils can get on your face, contributing to oily skin and acne. Wash that pillowcase often!
  • Soaking the pillowcase a while in a water/juice solution may help lift the stain.
  • Lime juice works well, too.


  • Your pillowcase will probably smell like citrus after the wash. If you aren't fond of citrus scents, then this article probably isn't for you.
  • This treatment was not tested on a white pillowcase. No lemony stains should remain after washing, but you may want to try it on an expendable case first.

Things You'll Need

  • Lemon or lime juice
  • Brush (recommended)

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