How to Clean a Pig Pen

Some tasks can be so overwhelming that you find yourself just staring at the job and getting nothing done. When you hear the words, "This place is a Pigpen!" It is time to formulate a plan! Pick the room you will need the most and start there.


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    The first task is accessibility. You have to be able to get into the room. If the floor is so covered that you cannot even walk through it, you must start here. You probably can't put anything away because the place it goes is on the other side of the room. If that is the case, you need a big box or tub, a bag or a container. Start at the doorway with your container and a trash bag and work your way into the room making a path right through the middle. Put all trash in the trash bag and everything else in the container. We'll sort through that later! If your container gets full you can get another, or just dump everything in a big pile. The goal is to get into the room so you can get to the place where things are supposed to go.
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    Once inside you are ready to put things in departments. Depending on how much of a Pigpen were talking about, you may need several trash bags. Start sorting out items. Put all clothes in a bag, all toys in another bag for example. Have you found something so filthy you have no intention of cleaning? Get rid of it. Are you finding lots of stuff that you feel bad about tossing? bundle it all up, set it out on the curb and place an ad on Craig's list. I promise it will find a good home before the day's end. There are plenty of people out there just like you who love crap. It can sit in their Pigpen for a few years.
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    Don't Reminisce. You can do that in step 8. Have a bag for "stuff to keep" or "keepsake" this is for all the garbage you want to hang onto because it is meaningful in some way. By the way, if you can't remember WHY it is meaningful, it is not really that meaningful.
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    When everything on the floor is categorized into bags or boxes, figure out if there is anything that really belongs in another room. If you have a pile of dishes, take them to the kitchen. Don't DO them now, just move them to the right room. This alone should reduce the overwhelming emotion tremendously. If there is a lot of stuff you know could be stored (you wont need it again this year) like photos, old letters, your high school graduation cap tassel, bundle it all up and put it in a room that you use the least. This is the last thing you will go through. Of course take all trash out.
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    At this point, you may have corners, shelves, closets and drawers piled sky high, and 1 or two bags on the floor. Where will most of this crap go? should it be in the dresser, on a shelf? Do you need some crates or boxes? You have to think in categories and you have to think in terms of volume. What is the biggest problem. What category could you right that would show the most for your effort, because at this point you are just trying to encourage yourself. Is the problem books? Papers? Trash? Dishes? Toys? What is the purpose of the room? What category is needed to fulfill that purpose? Pick a shelf or closet. Take everything off or out and thoroughly clean it. Then replace the items categorically. Never worry about another corner or shelf or room until the small space your working on is finished.
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    It is best at this point to move clockwise or counterclockwise around the room. This is to provide you with the morale you need to keep going. These kinds of stopping points make you want to give up. You want to keep the portion of your room your working on visually rewarding. Seeing the clean expand can be motivating. Repeat the process in small portions all the way around the room. Resist the temptation to work on any area except the adjoining space.
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    The room is clean but you have several bags of stuff you must keep for ever and ever. Here are your options: you can rent a storage, see a therapist, be a grownup and throw the stuff away, or resign to being a lifelong slob with no friends and leave all that junk for your death.


  • The more you be mature and get rid of things that you don't need, the faster this task will be, and the less punishment you will receive.

Things You'll Need

  • Boxes
  • Trash bags
  • Bins, baskets or containers

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