How to Clean a Motorcycle Jacket

A leather motorcycle jacket is part of your identity when you're riding on the open road. But over time, leather picks up dirt and grime, making your jacket look tired and faded. Read the tips below to keep your leather motorcycle jacket looking as new.


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    Use a leather cleaner that has been specially formulated for your type of leather. Choosing the wrong type of leather cleaner or using harsh chemicals will damage or even stain your leather.
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    Once you have found the right leather cleaner for your type of leather, start by gently applying the with a damp cloth or sponge in a circular motion. Doing this will ensure an even coverage.
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    Using a fresh cloth, wipe over your motorcycle jacket with clean water to remove the cleaner.
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    Remove any excess water with a dry cloth or sponge.
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    Once nearly dry, to prevent your motorcycle jacket from drying out or cracking, use apply a leather conditioner. This will help 'feed' the leather to keep it soft and supple.
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    To help maintain the shape of your motorcycle jacket, hang it up to dry naturally on a wide padded hanger away from any sources of heat.


  • Prevention is better than the cure. Regularly treating your motorcycle jacket with a good leather conditioner will help waterproof and protect your leather from the elements. It will save you from having to clean it as often.
  • If you have matching leather motorcycle clothing, clean and treat these at the same time to ensure the colour matches.
  • Leather and water do not mix very well. If your motorcycle jacket gets sodden in the rain, allow it to dry naturally away from sources of heat, then treat with a leather conditioner to maintain flexibility.


  • Don't use home remedies. These can often do more harm than good to leather. Give your leather the TLC it deserves with a proper leather care product.

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