How to Clean a Flat Panel Monitor

A flat panel monitor requires some extra care when cleaning. Since the surface is antistatic and softer than a glass panel CRT monitor, using improper cleaning methods can cause damage, such as scratches, etching or cloudiness. The other parts of the monitor such as the frame and stand are also made of material that needs to be cleaned differently than other household items. Learn how to clean a flat panel monitor properly to protect your investment and maintain a crisp, clear view. Keep it clean to avoid dust and grime buildup.


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    Purchase a soft cotton cleaning cloth for maintenance. Microfiber cloths designed for cleaning electronics are available at department stores, electronics departments and office supply stores. Other soft materials that can be used include soft, worn cotton or flannel. Paper towels or unwashed, new cloth is too abrasive for the surface.
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    Keep the cleaning cloth in a dust free area. The cloth should be dedicated for use on the flat screen monitor only. Using it on other items can pick up dirt and debris that can scratch the surface or spread dirt.
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    Remove any powder that appears on the monitor during shipping. This can easily be removed with the soft cloth.
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    Use the cloth to wipe up smudges and fingerprints as needed. To keep away dust, establish a routine of wiping the monitor at least once a week. Wipe the cloth across the screen. Move it from one side to the other, in one direction, from the top of the screen to the bottom. Do not rub at an area of the screen or apply pressure.
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    Dampen the cloth with water to clean more stubborn streaks or smudges. Wring it out thoroughly so that it is slightly damp, not wet. Use this to clean the surface of the screen as well as the plastic casing of the monitor.
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    Make a cleaning solution to clean the flat screen monitor. This will help to get rid of grime or marks that cannot be removed with dry wiping or a damp cloth. Mix 1 part diluted isopropyl alcohol to 1 part water. Spray the solution on the cloth only, never directly on the monitor. Alternatively, you can purchase a commercial cleaner at an electronics or computer store.
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    Use care around the monitor. Do not touch it with fingers, pens, pencils or other sharp objects. Be careful with food or liquid that could splash the monitor. Teach children not to touch the monitor.
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    Tell others how to clean a flat panel monitor. If you have other household members or outside cleaning help, make sure they know how to properly clean the monitor. Regular household cleaners should never be used on the monitor screen or frame. Most are too abrasive and can cause scratching or fading. Window cleaners like Windex contain ammonia which can cause etching and cloudiness.

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