How to Clean a Birdbath

Here is a simple way to clean an outdoor birdbath without using toxic chemicals.


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    Save some rainwater. If you don't already collect rainwater in a tank, one way is to cut off the top of a plastic bottle and to leave it in a place that will get rainwater or put in by the gutter. Be sure to retrieve such water quickly though, before it grows algae.
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    Use a clean, old-fashioned scrubbing brush for cleaning with, and just the rainwater. You could also use a toothbrush or another type of cleaning brush, provided it is thoroughly clean and uncontaminated. Don't use any kind of cleaning solution as it could damage the bird bath and the health of the birds.
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    Rinse the bird bath the rainwater until there are no spots or potentially harmful scum in sight.
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    Scrub to remove any obvious stains, stuck leaves, etc. When you're happy it's clean, leave it to sun dry. When dry, check that it is clean before proceeding to the next step.
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    Fill with fresh rainwater once dry. If it is tap water, then it increases chances of algae growing, which is potentially harmful to the birds and also unappetizing to them.
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  • Use distilled water if you cannot save any rainwater.


  • Do not use proprietary cleaners in your birdbath. This will contaminate the water and can kill the birds.

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