How to Chop Tomatoes with a Vegetable Chopper

Chopping vegetables is an amazing art and it takes time to get experienced in cutting and chopping them. I do find the vegetable choppers to be a boon for me. In this article, I am going to present a step by step process of chopping them with the help of the vegetable chopper.


  • 2 Tomatoes


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    Chop tomatoes into two pieces with the help of the knife.
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    Place one of the pieces on the wire part of the vegetable chopper.
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    Close the lid of the vegetable chopper and press to get the chopped pieces.
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    Open the lid and see the evenly chopped pieces of the tomatoes.
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    Chop the remaining tomatoes also and remove the wired section of the chopper.

Things You'll Need

  • Vegetable Chopper
  • Knife
  • Plate

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