How to Chop Chocolate

So you're cooking (or hungry...) and need chocolate. Problem is, it's WAY too big for anything! Read this article and problem solved.


  • Chocolate (any kind)
  • Water (if you want to soften or moisten your chocolate)


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    Get your chocolate. This is the most important step because you can't chop what you don't have!
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    You'll need a hard chopping board. Try using a plastic or a wooden board as a glass chopping board could break.
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    Put your chocolate on the board. If you need to soften it a little put a drop of warm water on your hand and rub it over the surface of the chocolate.
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    Use your knife to cut it up. Try cutting between the squares as it will probably be easier that right across the squares.
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    Cut it up as small as you like. Just not too small.
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    Be careful. What you need to do is not press down on the knife, but cut it work through it. Put your knife on the top of the chocolate and move it up and down. Fine pieces (very fine) of chocolate will fly off gradually - that means its working.


  • Check out other articles for things to do with your chocolate.


  • You might cut yourself with the knife. Be careful!

Things You'll Need

  • A knife
  • A chopping board (Try not using a glass one)
  • A sharp knife

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