How to Choose Which Gym to Join

There are many gyms out there. So how do you choose the right one?


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    Find out what gyms are around you. Make sure the gyms you are looking into are close to your daily routine. It is surprising how much you will avoid the gym if you do not pass it everyday.
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    Find out if your friends belong to a gym. Get their recommendations. Do they hate their gym? Love it? Have a schedule similar to yours so you two can partner up in your workouts?
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    Find out the cost. Is one gym radically cheaper or more expensive then the others? How much are you willing to pay? Can your spouse join at a cheaper rate?
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    Visit the gyms. Visit the gyms during the times that you are planning to work out. Is it really crowded? Does the muscle man group take over the gym at that time? How flexible is their schedule compared to yours? If you repeatedly get the notion to work out at 3am on Thursdays are they open? If it is crowded when you visit the machines you would want to use may be taken quickly. Are there lockers for you to temporarily store your clothes and other personal items?
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    Check out the equipment. Inspect it; does it look old and abused? Do they have only 3 kinds of machines? Look for lots of different equipment, but several of each piece. The equipment should look good and taken care of.
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    Talk to the staff. The staff will know right away you are not a member as soon as you walk in without a gym bag and not dressed for exercise. How friendly are they? Do they ignore you? Ask them about organized classes that they offer. Do they offer private training sessions with a certified personal trainer?
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    Check the refund policy. If you do not like the gym after joining, can you get your money back? Some gyms have specific rules and time conditions on their refunds.
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    Check out the other gyms or sign up. If you think this is the gym for you, sign up! If not, keep looking. There are plenty out there. Beware of long contracts or other stringent policies that will keep you locked into membership after you want to leave.


  • Find out what to bring during your workout. Most gyms require you bring a towel and a combination lock.
  • Get a workout partner. The best way to make sure you are working out is having someone to make you accountable.
  • Watch for specials. Sometimes gyms have special no application/membership fees events.
  • Drink plenty of water during your workouts to stay hydrated.
  • Check with your employer, HR Department, or even your insurance to see if you can access special discounts.
  • Ask to try before you buy. Find out if a gym you're considering has a policy that allows you to try the club out before putting any money down. If you are able to try the gym out, make sure you visit during times you're likely to use your membership and participating in the activities you'd most like to use when actually joining.
  • If you are using the gym's lockers, make sure you bring your own lock.
  • Take part in any orientation program that may be offered so you can become familiar with the gym and its machines.


  • Consult a doctor before doing any strenuous exercise to make sure your body can handle the workout.

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