How to Choose the Right University

The process of choosing a university can be daunting and challenging for students and their parents when you have to weigh the variables and sift through the sheer volume of available information. Having an idea of final grades, budget, subject interest and whether to enroll in a local or overseas university will help you better utilize these rankings.


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    Work out whether you want to study locally or overseas as this affects your funding options. If you are going overseas, factor in accommodation, living expenses and the cost of flight tickets. Please take note that costs of living vary with location.
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    Decide which courses interest you and find out more about the faculty of the school offering the course. Try to gather feedback or testimonial from past students from subject prospectuses or alumni. Do not hesitate to contact course coordinators and lecturers with questions about modules or assessments. This will give you an idea about how the course runs and the "philosophy" of the university.
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    Check out the credentials of the lecturers. Study the key subjects in the course and compare them with the ones from other universities.
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    Find out if the university offers work placement or exchange programmes for the course you are interested in.
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    Check what the university's policy is for switching courses within the university or transferring credits if you decide to change universities.
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    Many universities now have Facebook and even Twitter accounts. Use it as an opportunity to ask the university staff all the questions you want.
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    Visit education fairs or expos. You will be able to find out more by talking to staff from the various universities and they are conveniently all under one roof.
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    Check out the university if you can. If this is not possible due to cost or distance, do some research and find out where the university located as well as the amenities surrounding it. It should not be too hard to do that with programs like Google Maps. The location of the university will influence the overall cost of your studies.

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