How to Choose the Right Shape for Your Dining Table

The look of the dining room is primarily judged by the shape and type of the dining table. The shape chosen should be proper to maximize the space and make the home look coordinated in a proper manner. Depending on the layout of the room, you can choose what shape will work best for your dining room. The table size is also an important consideration. The number of chairs that a table will include also depends on the number of size of the family and the guests that frequently drop in.


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    Choose from the four basic shapes.
    • Round table: This table is most ideal for small dining rooms. It is the most space efficient shape that can be included. This table shape is also the least formal and a serves a great spot for playing games and making dining a casual affair. In a round table setting, it is easy for every member to reach for the food placed on the table.
    • Oval Table: The oval table is more like the rectangular table, but has round edges. This table fits best for large and narrow shaped drawing rooms. The table allows extra people to sit in,since the corners do not hurt. The oval sized table is neither too casual not too formal. The size of the table can be decided depending on the number of people in the family.
    • Rectangular Table: This form of table is almost the same as an oval dining room table. Of all the four shapes listed above, it is the least space efficient. This table is perfect if you have a large dining room and want to fill up the space. It is most widely preferred for a formal setting. The rectangular table will let minimum 6 people sit, but if a large table is chosen, more and more people can be seated.
    • Square Table: This table is also fit for a small dining room. It is like the round table but is considered good for a formal setting. It is a good option when you want to make a cozy conversation corner. Square table help in maintaining balance and give a symmetrical look to the room. In a square table, each person is at an equal distance from each other, so the conversation with each person is easy. If there are more people expected for meals, join two square tables and make one large rectangular one.
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    Decide on the table size.
    • Round table measurement (in inches):
      • For Four Persons: 38”
      • For Six Persons: 44 “
      • For Eight Persons: 60 “
    • Oval Table (length x width in inches):
      • For Four people: 32 x 48
      • For Six people: 35 x 70
      • For Eight people: 38 x 72
    • Rectangular Table (length x width in inches):
      • For Four Persons: 32 x 48
      • For Six Persons: 35 x 70
      • For Eight Persons: 38 x 72
    • Square Table (length x width in inches):
      • For Four Persons: 39 x 39
      • For Six Persons: 44 x 44
      • For Eight Persons: 54 x 54
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    Choose the right material for the dining table. The table can be crafted with many materials. Choose one that can complement the décor of the house and make the house look splendid. Choose from the materials stated below:
    • Wood
    • Plywood
    • Metal
    • Stone
    • Plastic


  • Always keep in mind the space available in the dining room to keep the dining table
  • If there are children in the house, go for round or oval table, so that do not hurt themselves with the edgy table corners.
  • Even if there is less space in the room, do not put the table against the wall. The chairs which cannot be pulled out for use do not serve any use.

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