How to Choose the Right Promotional T Shirt

Combined with the right advertising and marketing plan, promotional T-shirts can help fulfill your marketing and promotional goals and provide long-lasting logo exposure. Choosing the right T-shirt can be tougher than you think.


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    Consider your budget. What are you willing to spend per T-shirt/recipient?
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    Think about style. What type of T-shirt and what material are most suitable to your needs? Moisture wicking material are popular these days.
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    Determine your decoration. What will go on the shirt?
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    Look at logistics. Will this T-shirt serve as part of a gift package or set? Does it require special packaging or compression into chosen shapes?
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    Consider who you are promoting


  • In addition to getting your logo great exposure, consider these other uses for this awesome medium:
    • Trade-shows - The function of many trade-shows is generating awareness, whether that is awareness of a new product line, recent developments, or a newly revamped corporate identity. Let your target audience become ambassadors of that awareness, carrying your message home with them on their backs.
    • Giveaways - Draw them in by giving away an appealing and universally appreciated T-shirt. Choose the right bait, and you'll catch the fish you've been waiting for and, perhaps, a few that you didn't expect.
    • Gifts/Tokens of Appreciation - Sometimes, it's the thought that counts. Promotional T-shirts can serve as mementos of events and actions or simple gifts designed to memorialize or show appreciation.
    • Team/Identity - An article of clothing that distinguishes its wearer, either by setting him/her apart or identifying that person as a part of team, is inherently valuable to the giver and receiver. Promotional T-shirts effectively play either role and have the benefit of carrying your message or logo with them.
  • Style
    • White & black, black and white t-shirts are cliché, plain and boring
    • Consider how your t-shirt looks to a complete stranger
      • will the logo catch their attention?
      • is the lettering big enough to read?
      • is the message short and simple?
    • Do you want your t-shirt to be a serious uniform or a casual cloak fit for all occasions? Is it an identity privilege or a message you want outsiders to spread as well.

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