How to Choose the Right Makeup

Whether your skin tone is fair, light, medium or dark, there’s great makeup suiting everybody's needs.


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    Coordinate the colors. If you have fair skin, go for a small amount of pinkish blusher on the cheeks. But the first thing you must know, is that if you put on eye shadow, don't ever put on lipstick or lipgloss at the same time. For the eyes, it really depends on your eye color; for blue eyes you shouldn't go for a blue eye shadow, but earth-tones instead. If you want to jump out of earth tones, light pink always looks good. Those with brown eyes can get away with wearing almost any color of eye shadow. But if you really want to make them pop out go for either green, pink or blue eye shadow. In order to get green eyes to pop, you should try wearing various purple shades. If you want your eyes to stand out but look more natural, you may want to try warmer mocha brown shades or warm colors with slight orange undertones for green eyes. Keep in mind that you should have fun with your eye shadow and it shouldn't be a bothersome process.
    • A general rule of thumb with eye shadow is that it should first complement your eye color and then it shouldn't contrast your clothing. In other words, don't wear a purple based eye shadow on your blue eyes while you are wearing a coral toned shirt.
    • For lipstick and gloss: Gloss always looks better for people with a fairer skin tone and a light pink would look perfect.
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    If you're light skinned, you should wear bronze or lavender purple eye shadow. Apply it up to your crease. For the blush, you should choose a medium rose. If you are slightly dark-haired, you should choose black mascara. For the finish, put on a natural medium pink or a coral/orange color.
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    If you have medium skin color: Choose chocolate brown or olive green (Make sure the olive is a bit shimmery, so it doesn't drag your eyes down). The blush should be a natural dark coral. You should definitely choose either black or blue mascara. Blue really brings out the eye colour.
    • This only works for medium skin tones: Put on a matte bronzer on the bridge of your nose, forehead and chin. Make sure it looks very natural, and that you barely notice it. Brown stains on your face are not a good look. Choose a matte, light red lipstick.
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    If you have dark skin: Choose a dark plum or black-brown matte eye shadow. The blush should be dark plum or bronze. It really makes the cheekbones pop. The mascara should be a very black one, and the lipstick should be a creamy wine or plum tone.


  • A colour close to your complexion is always the best. You'll look natural and stunning.


  • Don't over apply. Less is always more. Apply the right amount needed to bring out the extra beauty in you.
  • If you don't like powder blush, try cream blush instead. It usually helps moisturize you skin as well.

Things You'll Need

  • An eye shadow that matches your skin tone
  • A healthy looking blush
  • A creamy, moisturising lipstick
  • If you're a medium skin tone, a bronzer

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