How to Choose the Right Hosting Package for Your Website

To choose the right hosting package from a web hosting company, you need to know your exact needs and expected monthly visitors.


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    Choose your web space. Web space is the maximum storage size you can use in a server. Most reputable web hosting companies specify the web space, while others show that it unlimited. However, you have to take your cautions from these companies as many of them are spammers, it is technically impractical to give someone unlimited disk space in the server. On the other hand, you should identify what type of website are you going to create and accordingly you buy a suitable package for it. For example, a blog, will not need more than a 5 GB storage to host it. But, for active forums you will need around 20 GB Storage. By any way, you can start with a minimum storage size package and upgrade it when your website content increases.
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    Choose your data bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred to and from your account in one month. Every time someone downloads a 10KB file from your website, they use 10KB of bandwidth from your account. Also, every time someone visits your site, they are downloading the homepage and, consequently, using that much bandwidth. Therefore, data bandwidth depends on the amount of visits you have. You will not have to worry at all if you are hosting a new website, as it will never cross the maximum data bandwidth. However, if you are migrating an active website, you will need to check your previous usage and plan accordingly.
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    Choose your budget. Price is an important criteria for choosing the most suitable web hosting company for you. But you should not at all look for the cheapest ones because many of them are overselling their service and that might affect the page download speed of your website. Therefore, you should look for the reputable web hosting companies who offers convenient customer support.
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    Choose your hosting control panel. A control panel is where you can add email addresses, upload website, install software ,etc. There are few panels out there, however you should consider cPanel. It is the market standard and it contains tons of essential functionalists. Moreover, if you need to change your hosting company, you can easily migrate your website because most of the web hosting companies are using the same control panel.

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