How to Choose the Right Concrete Contractor

Finding the right concrete contractor requires time and diligence, but your efforts will ensure you will get your money’s worth.


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    Do initial research on the Internet to create a list of potential contractors. Take the time to educate yourself about the business so you can ask the right questions. Here are some of the most important questions to ask potential contractors:
    • How long have you been in the concrete business?
      • Usually, a contractor with a minimum of 5 years experience in the business indicates stability and reliability, which is a must in this kind of work. The last thing you want is someone who turns back on their word and either fails to finish the job or does it unsatisfactorily. Also, an experienced contractor will be able to give you helpful insights on your project.
    • What specific insurance coverage do you have?
      • It is very important to choose a contractor who has adequate insurance coverage to safeguard you and your property from any potential liabilities resulting from an accident in your work site. Professional decorative concrete contractors should have at least general liability coverage as well as Workman’s Compensation and automobile insurance. Call the insurance company to verify the effective dates of the policies.
    • When was the last training class or seminar you’ve attended?
      • It is ideal to choose a contractor who has had recent training, say, in the past two years. This shows they know the latest products, techniques and methods used in the business.
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    Ask for references.
    • Make sure to ask for three client references in the past year. Contacting previous clients will give you insight on a contractor’s work ethic.
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    Review quotes.
    • When comparing quotes, never make your choice based on the price alone. Be careful about very low rates because low bidders oftentimes do a lot of shortcuts on their work and use poor quality materials. Do not hesitate to ask the contractor about any items on the quote that you are not familiar with. You have the right to know what you will be paying for. Also, look at the project time frame. It is ideal to find someone who could finish the job quickly without sacrificing quality. As long as the time frame is reasonable, it makes sense for a contractor who could complete the job faster to charge more.
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    Visit their work site.
    • Do an ocular visit on one of their previous work sites. The great thing about this industry is contractors can’t really hide the quality of their work because it’s right there for everyone to see Just by looking at a site with a similar work to what you want, you can have a good idea about the contractor’s workmanship.
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    Check the contract.
    • Putting down all agreements in writing will help lessen any possible conflicts during and after the project. A professional concrete contractor should provide you a written contract with details of all the work to be done. Be sure to go over the contract carefully. Sign the contract only when you are absolutely comfortable with all its terms.
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    Go with your instinct.
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    Even after hard work on your part, it could happen that you still cannot decide who to hire. In this case, it may have to come down to what your gut feeling tells you. You would want a contractor that represent themselves professionally and is pleasant to work with.

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