How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanities

Have you ever wished you could design a room piece by piece? Bathroom vanities allow you to do just that. Choose your time period, choose your style, choose your individual pieces… the point is, the choice is yours. Starting with a bathroom vanity allows you set the scene to create the ambiance you desire. But there are a variety of factors you should consider when making your decision.


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    Decide on a size for your bathroom vanity. A smaller vanity is perfect for many, if not most bathrooms. A larger or double is more appropriate for a larger bathroom or a bathroom that is shared by multiple people. Either way, there are plenty of bathroom vanities to choose from. You will not regret installing the largest vanity possible. Just remember to leave space beside it to access adjoining areas for cleaning, especially if the toilet sits next to the vanity. And leave space for the trashcan, if it must sit beside the vanity.
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    Choose a style that matches the décor of your home. For example, if your home is very traditional, you will want to consider antique, marble or granite bathroom vanities. These are some of the most elegant vanities available. Or, if you have a contemporary style home, you will want to choose a modern bathroom vanity. These tend to be minimalist, sleek and metallic. They will often have a nickel or chrome finish coupled with a frame-less mirror. These bathroom vanities are a bit more adaptable to a wide variety of homes, since they can fit into a room without taking too much attention, whereas typical traditional style vanity will look out of place in an ultra-modern setting.
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    Experiment. Use your creativity. For those with some imagination and a little artistic flair, creating a custom bathroom vanity can be fun and satisfying. In fact, you could do it entirely over the internet! You will need to select and purchase a cabinet, top, sink vessel and a mirror. You may also choose to create a unit without one of those components.


  • Since you want it to last for the long haul, make sure you buy a bathroom vanity made of durable materials, since a cheaper one will show wear after a few years. But don’t worry--it will be a wise investment, adding value when you sell your home.
  • Beware the trend toward "full overlay" doors on cabinetry. If your vanity sits right up against the wall, the front corner of a full-overlay door will scrape against the wall as it opens. You may have to set the vanity an inch or so away from the wall and fill this gap with matching trim. If your vanity has a drawer stack on 1 side and 2 doors on the other side, the full overlay door next to the drawers will bump against the drawer fronts when opened.
  • Shop around for the perfect bathroom vanity. There are numerous styles and looks, and you will definitely be able to find the perfect fit!
  • You can order bathroom vanities from kitchen cabinet suppliers (at your local home improvement retailer). Kitchen cabinet catalogs offer non-standard vanity sizes, like a 42" width. Different manufacturers offer different heights - consider height if small children use this bathroom. Construction of kitchen cabinets is often superior to off-the-shelf bathroom vanities, for comparable cost.
  • For easier access to the plumbing under the vanity (to replace the faucet or drain pipes, for example), try to purchase a vanity that does not have a vertical piece of wood in the middle of the door opening--if there are 2 doors, the entire door opening should be un-impeded.
  • Remember one important aspect of bathroom vanities: the vessel sink is your artistic centerpiece. So buy a vessel that is ostentatious and captivating, but still fits with the overall theme.
  • Remember to center the medicine cabinet and light fixture over the vanity, or it will not look right. If your medicine cabinet is narrower than the vanity, and the vanity sits against the wall, this may leave an empty area between the medicine cabinet and the corner.

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