How to Choose the Perfect Travel Mug

Here are a few tips to consider before you purchase a travel mug to get good value and keep your drink hot to the last drop.


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    Buy a double-wall insulation stainless steel travel mug. Even though stainless steel initially costs more, it will give you much better value for your money. You can expect superior performance from a stainless steel travel mug, keeping your coffee or tea hot for about an hour.
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    Buy a plastic travel mug,with a stainless steel liner. Plastic liners over time will absorb coffee or tea, making your beverage taste bad. They also break easily if dropped.
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    Make sure the dimensions of the travel mug fit the cup holder that is in your car or truck. If you don't have a cup holder or don't like to use one, look for a travel mug with a wide non-slip bottom.
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    Choose a secure lid. The lids that snap on can sometimes come off if the travel mug tips over or is dropped. Screw on lids are better because they stay on no matter what happens and that's the idea of a travel mug to begin with.
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    Size matters. If you only drink a small amount, consider a smaller 8 oz. travel mug because it's easier to handle. On the other hand, if you want a large amount of coffee or tea to drink, consider a larger 16 or 20 oz. travel mug.


  • Hand wash your travel mug instead of putting it in the dishwasher. Sometimes soap residue gets left behind either in the lid or on the walls of the travel mug and no one likes that kind of surprise. Be sure to rinse it extra well, so all that you taste is the rich flavor of your coffee or tea.
  • If you leave your travel mug in the car while at work, store it away from direct sunlight. Hot sun magnified by the windows will damage the rubber seals in the lid.
  • Travel mugs with silicon rubber components tend to flavour the brew.

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