How to Choose the Best Trash Compactors on the Market

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Developments made in the field of science have led to the introduction of several new appliances in the market which are aimed at making the life of consumers easier and simpler. One of the most recent electronic innovations that have gained a great deal of popularity among homemakers is the trash compactor. They are basically large appliances that have been designed with care to decrease the quantity of waste generated in the home environment on a daily basis.

Method 1
Important Factors

There are numerous brands that produce trash compactors and every one of them claims to be the best. They possess diverse features and designs and this makes it hard for the consumers to choose one that will fulfill their needs. However, it must be noted that the found in the market at the moment have been judged on the basis of their rate of compaction.

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    Read online, magazine, and oral reviews for trash compactors. Note the pros and cons of trash compactors in general.
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    Decide what your trash compactor will be compacting in the future. Look at odor management, how loud it will be, capacity, power, etc.
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    Check out other items that a manufacturer of a trash compactor have made. If most of their products aren't that nice, then chances are their trash compactors won't be, either.
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    When looking at reviews for trash compactors, look at the rate of compaction. The compaction rate refers to the total number of trash bags that can be compacted in a single bag within the particular compactor. So, on the basis of the compaction rate, three trash compactors have been found which meet most of the common trash compaction demands of the buyers.
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    Don't get confused between a trash compactor and a waste disposal system. A waste disposal system is mostly for food waste, while a trash compactor literally compacts trash to reduce the amount.
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    Make a budget. Know how much you can afford to spend, and create a price range. Consider buying a used trash compactor if you have a small budget range.
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    Know what kind of maintenance your trash compactor will need and how much it will cost.

Method 2
Popular Brands

Whirlpool GX900QPPS

This trash compactor from home and lifestyle brand, Whirlpool, measures 1.4 cubic feet and boasts of 0.33 horsepower as well as a compaction rate of 4 to 1. The Whirlpool GX900QPPS trash compactor has dimensions of 34 X 15 X 25 inches (63.5 cm). The most notable features of this product include side release bin, bag retainer buttons, tilt away trash basket, automatic anti-jam system and quiet operation. The trash compactor can be purchased either directly from the store or online for as low a price as $520.

Gladiator GACP15XXMG

This powerful appliance is able to compact a wide range of products such as aluminium cans, paper and plastic bottles. With a horsepower of 0.33, this trash compactor has a compression force of almost 2,200 pounds while the compaction ratio happens to be 4 to 1. The GACP15XXMG from Gladiator comes equipped with other new features in the form of a recessed control key, powder-coated finish along with tread plate doors. This particular trash compactor comes with a price tag of $600 and offers the consumer one year worth of warranty.

Kenmore Elite 13633

The body of the Kenmore Elite 13633 is composed of stainless steel which imparts a unique look to the appliance. At 1.4 cubic feet, this specific trash compactor has a horsepower of 0.33 along with a 4 to 1 compaction ratio. The compactor boasts of a ram force of 2,300 pounds with a cycle time of 27 seconds along with several other attractive features. The Kenmore trash compactor has dimensions measuring 34 X 15 X 24 inches (61.0 cm) and weighs in at a large 150 pounds. Online prices of this trash compactor model can run as low as $850.


  • Buy bags specially designed for your model of trash compactor.


  • If you have a baby or toddler in your house, you probably shouldn't get a trash compactor. They might be overly curious about it and try to stick things in it, or might be afraid of it.

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