How to Choose the Best Decorations for Cupcakes

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Choosing the best decorations for cupcakes can be a tricky one. Imagine this…You just baked the most perfect batch of moist cupcakes. They have cooled off and are ready to be decorated. You have the icing ready to go on top, but wait! You think to yourself, is this all the decoration that this cupcake will have? Can’t I find a better way to present my cupcake’s so that they look like those designer cupcakes that come out of the cupcake boutique shop? You can decorate your cupcakes just like the professionals and impress all of your family and friends at the next party or get-together. If you use these cupcake decorations for cupcakes, you are sure to impress your family, friends and even yourself with your baking talents. You might even be able to sell them, who knows?

Printable Wrappers and Toppers

Printable Cupcake Decorations

Choosing the Best Decorations for Your Own Cupcakes

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    Find the Right Cupcake Liners. You are probably saying to yourself, “I already know this”. Well, the cheapest way to decorate your cupcake is to use a decorative cupcake liner. When cupcake liners first appeared, they only came in a white paper color. Through the years, cupcake liners have evolved and now you can get them in almost any size and design. Polka dot cupcake liners and gingham cupcake liners are among some of the most popular liners that there are. Want a cheap and easy way to decorate your cupcake? Throw away those white cupcake liners and get some pizzazz going with decorative cupcake liners.
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    Find the Perfect Cupcake Wrappers. After you find that perfect cupcake liner for your cupcakes, you need to find the perfect cupcake wrap to match your design objective. Cupcake wraps have become the biggest cupcake trend to-date. Instead of presenting your cupcakes in those plain cupcake liners, use a cupcake wrap the next time you want to dress up your cupcake. Cupcake wraps are like clothing for your cupcake. You don’t want your cupcake to be naked now, do you? Cupcake wraps are pieces of paper that are cut, usually by a paper laser cutter, to fit around each one of your cupcakes. Cupcake wrappers come in many different designs and sizes. They are available in mini, standard and jumbo cupcake sizes. You can find a design perfect for any party theme or event. Cupcake wrappers are placed around the outside of the cupcake liner after the cupcake has baked and is cooled. You do not want to bake the cupcake wraps as they will catch on fire and burn your house down. After the cupcake wrap is placed around the cupcake, then you will apply your frosting.
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    Add Edible Cupcake Decorations. The typical edible cupcake decoration is usually the cupcake sprinkles. Sprinkles are fine, if you want the regular run-of-the-mill cupcake, but there are so many more options for edible cupcake decorations in order to bedazzle your cupcake. Today, they have edible decorations like colored sanding sugar, edible glitter, edible confetti and even edible spray paint. One example of using an edible decoration would be to top your cupcake with brown sanding sugar. This would make the cupcake’s top look like a sandy ground. Purchase some edible candy seashells and put on top of the brown sugar. Now you have a sandy beach theme going and would be perfect for the beachcomber’s birthday party.
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    Add Cupcake Toppers. Cupcake toppers are very popular. If the cupcake liner, cupcake wrapper and the edible decorations just aren’t cutting it for you, then move on up and add a cupcake topper. To conclude the decorating idea from the edible cupcake decorations section, you could purchase a cupcake topper like a surfboard and use the sandy ground and seashells as a backdrop for your cupcake toppers. What do you end up with? A beach themed cupcake decorated just like the professionals. The sky is the limit with these easy and affordable cupcake decorations. Don’t forget the sea blue cupcake wrapper to complete the look.
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    Display Your Cupcakes on a Cupcake Tower. After you have decorated your cupcake with your decorative liner, cupcake wrap, edible decorations and cupcake topper, make sure your don’t leave the most important piece of the decoration process…the cupcake tower, also known as a cupcake stand or cupcake tree. The cupcake tower has become the new trend in cupcake displays. Cupcakes are displayed on cupcake towers and stands and provide an attractive and finished look to your cupcake decoration endeavors. Cupcake stands have become very popular in modern day weddings. Many brides-to-be are opting to have a cupcake wedding cake instead of the traditional wedding cake. Cupcake stands also make a great centerpiece for the table at any party or event. Display and serve your decorated cupcakes in style with a cupcake tower, cupcake stand or cupcake tree.


  • Make sure that your colors and designs match. Decorations from different stores may have different color variations (for example: the red sanding sugar from store A might be a different color red than the cupcake wrapper from store B).
  • Purchase a white, reusable cupcake tower or stand. This will save you money in the long run if you are a frequent cupcake baker because you can wash, store and decorate differently for your next party or event.
  • Choose your party or event theme before purchasing your supplies.
  • Be creative when decorating your cupcakes. Always try to come up with new inventive ideas for decorations!


  • Don't cook your cupcake wrappers...they will burn and catch on fire.

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  • Cupcake Liners
  • Cupcake Wrappers
  • Edible Decorations
  • Cupcake Toppers
  • Cupcake Stand, Cupcake Tower or Cupcake Tree

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