How to Choose Stocking Stuffers for Preteen Girls

Are you trying to fill a preteen girl's stocking this Christmas, and are stumped on what to get her? This guide will walk you through your options.


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    Notice what she likes doing. For instance, maybe she likes hanging out with her friends, playing video games, and watching romantic comedy films. Every girl is different, so pay attention to her, so you avoid giving her nothing but generic 'girl' presents.
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    Consider makeup. Be careful in choosing what you get her, though. Little tubes of lip gloss would be fine, but lipstick would make her look silly. If you're not sure about colors, stick to lotions and moisturizers, or get a sampler.
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    Consider books. The benefits of reading have been proven time and time again. Even if she's not a big reader, there are many books aimed at her age group that she may enjoy. Again, take her interests into account choosing here. If she hates romance, don't get her The Princess Diaries or Twilight. Classics such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz are good choices, too.
    • Check with your local library. Librarians can offer great recommendations on what kids of all ages are reading, and they may be able to suggest something wonderful that's a little off the beaten track.
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    Consider DVDs or CDs, if your budget allows. This is where you need to know her tastes. If you don't know if she'd like a certain singer or not, don't get her a CD by them.
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    Consider little, useful, things. Post-it notes, fun patterned or coloured pens, a small calendar or day planner, or a key chain for her house key are all good options.
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    Consider food. Everyone eats. Many companies release special Christmas-themed sweets and snacks at Christmas time. An orange and some nuts are traditional, but if you know they won't get eaten, try something that will.
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    Consider costume type jewelry. Plastic bangles, long necklaces, and cute earrings are all options. You can even get her pieces in her favorite colour, if you like. Of course, this depends on whether the girl wears jewelry, and what her taste in jewelry is.
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    Consider a gift card. Gift cards are fun, and allow the receiver to buy whatever she wants. They can be for stores or for things like the local movie theater, or a fast food restaurant.
    • The downside is they're impersonal, they say "I don't know you well enough to think of a gift for you." The receiver also has to wait to get her gift, and, of course, it would take a lot of gift cards to fill a stocking.
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    Consider art and craft supplies. If the girl is artistic or likes to do crafts, include some small items such as brushes, pencils (colored or otherwise), a pocket-sized sketch pad, or a miniature artist's mannequin. Be sure to match the items to the crafts she does. Your craft or hobby store can offer suggestions if you're not familiar with the supplies for a craft.
    • Consider transportation, too. A preteen may have to wait or beg Mom to get herself to a store, especially if it's not very close to home.
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  • Get hints. Ask what her favorite colors are, what she would like, what she is interested in.
  • Get gifts in an array of sizes. If you only buy big gifts, you'll only fit a couple in the stocking. If there are only small gifts, you'll need dozens. If you're filling a regular sized stocking and want it to be bulging, figure on 1-2 bigger gifts (DVDs, books, day planners, etc.), 2-3 medium gifts (bangles, CDs, post-it notes, etc.) and a handful of small gifts (earrings, sweets, etc.)
  • If you have a Christmas list from the girl, get a couple of complementary gifts for her stocking. For instance, if she's getting a camera (even if it's from somebody else), a spare memory card and some batteries might make a good stocking stuffer. You could also use the list for general hints as to her tastes.


  • If you aren't the girl's parent, ask her parent before including makeup or food. If they're very strict about what media she's exposed to, ask about books, CDs, and movies too.
  • Remember that stockings are places for small, inexpensive gifts. A cell phone or camera is a present for under the tree, not in the stocking.

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