How to Choose Radishes

Radishes are an excellent addition to salads that provide a touch of heat, spiciness and crunch. When selecting them, it is useful to know a few things about getting the best quality for your money.


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    Look for radishes that have medium-sized firm and crisp roots. Smaller is better when it comes to choosing radishes.
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    Check the leaves. If you buy a bunch of radishes with their leaves intact, the leaves should look crisp and be of a good green colour.[1]
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    Squeeze the radishes. They should feel firm and not soft.
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    Avoid choosing radishes that have wilted or soft roots.[2] If you see this, it means that the radishes are old and past their prime. If they're on special though, you can add them to soups to spice up the flavour.
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    Avoid oversized roots as well, for these will be too pithy.
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    Prefer smooth skins over cracked skins. If the radish has cracks, it is an indication that there are less nutrients.


  • Farmer's markets are a good place for quality radishes.

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  • Quality vegetable supplier

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