How to Choose Pavers

Pavers are made out of a variety of materials. They come in different textures and colors, making it important to chose pavers that fit your outdoor space and personal style. There are several important things to know when selecting pavers for your outdoor space.


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    Decide where you are going to install your pavers. The location needs to be evaluated based on the colors that will surround it, plant life or your house color, along with how the space will be used.
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    Select durable pavers over concrete. They are earthquake resistant and easy to replace if damaged. They also provide unlimited design options.
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    Smooth pavers have a smooth, flat surface with strait corners. This is ideal for a driveway. They are also a good option for elderly people concerned about their stability when walking.
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    Textured pavers look more expensive due to their complex appearance. They are easy to walk on and have straight corners. They can be used in any pavers project and are still durable.
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    Tumbled pavers have corners that look broken or chiseled. They have a glamorous look and stand out in any space. They are not the best solution for the elderly or small children. If you fall it is easier to scrape yourself.
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    Get a 2D image of what pavers will look like in your outdoor space
    Use this online visualizer tool [1] to upload a picture of your outdoor space and see how it would look with various pavers.
    You can play around with the paver texture and color as many times as you like until you find the perfect design. Once you chose pavers you like simply print it out, buy and start the installation process.


  • Smooth pavers will work best in an area by your pool. You can also use textured pavers but make sure to use paver sealer to hold them in place and have added stability[2] .


  • Tumbled pavers are gorgeous on steps, they look creative and glamorous, but dangerous if you have kids. The jagged edges can easily scrape little knees. Pavers with straight edges are much safer for little ones.
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