How to Choose Note Taking Software

Do you love to take notes? Everyone does. But when it comes to taking notes on a computer, the choices tend to sound daunting? "Which one should I obtain", you might be asking? Well, this article can help you choose that perfect note-taking product.


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    Decide on how much you can spend on the note-taking software. Although there are several good free note-taking programs available, there are others that aren't and are just as good. Microsoft Word is one of a few good programs that can help fulfill the role of taking notes, just as good as what it can do to fulfilling that all-American dream novel or journal.
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    Think about the platforms you'd be running the program on. Some note-taking software products are available on Windows, Macintosh, iOS devices, Android devices, Linux. One of the best and most-widely available includes Evernote, it's available on almost every possible platform that people tend to use daily, and with synchronization between devices, it's a sure bet for you to download it.
    • A few software programs such as Wordpad and Notepad are even built straight in to the Windows OS. There's a Notes app for all iOS devices, and even on Android devices where you'll find some simple and free default apps that provide you access to a note-taking app, the choice is inevitable, that you'll have some product nearby to help you complete the task.
    • If you really need a program that's a little more than what Notepad can give you or are running on another OS other than Windows but want software that can power your Note-taking-like program prowess on the Mac, the TextEdit program can help you fulfill this dream there too.
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    Think about open-source options that will allow you to write notes in an open-source type of set up. One type of open-source text-editing and creation program is OpenOffice.
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    Look at some of the program's available other rarely-used features. Perhaps it has some audio-note taking features, or even if it has some other option feature, to be able to use it to the max to take as many notes as possible, it's best if make a choice to use one with lots of cool different features.
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    Look for ones that can allow you to import notes from miscellaneous sources such as MS Paint and/or some other programs without using Copy and Paste.
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    Decide on a note-taking program that can allow you to export a note easily to other programs when the need arises to take action and fulfill the reason even further.


  • Look into obtaining a Microsoft account. With it, you'll have access to Microsoft OneNote online through the SkyDrive service that will allow you to create notes that can be synchronized with any device that has the OneNote app on it, or the program that you can buy at a store.
  • Try several different notes services before you actually need to use them, so that you know which you like best. This is important so that you have all your subjects' notes in the same place. For example, at least try out the Word Notebook format, Notability and OneNote before deciding which one you like best.
  • Skitch is useful for drawing diagrams, etc.
  • Try using different notes services for different subjects. For example, you could use OneNote for French, and Skitch for math. That way, you keep your notes separate from other subjects.

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