How to Choose Leaf Jewelry

If you like leaf shaped jewelry, it can be fun collecting the different styles and types of leaf jewelry available. This article explains how to find or make leaf jewelry pieces.


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    Look for leaf jewelry in a range of different styles.
    • Gold, silver, copper and bronze leaf pendants
    • Necklaces with leaves.
    • Leaf earrings.
    • Leaf bracelets or anklets.
    • Leaf brooch.
    • Leaf rings.
    • Leaf hair accessories.
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    If you have the resources, purchase pure gold or pure silver leaf jewelry.
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    Enjoy matching leaf jewelry with nature-colored and styled clothing. Think of such themes as forests, trees, rivers, and mountains when choosing colors and styles of clothing. Suitable colors include browns, greens, oranges, reds, and yellows.
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    Look for jewelry that is made from real leaves, needles, and acorns. Creative designers coat real birch leaves or maple leaves with sterling silver or gold.
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    Make your own leaf-shaped jewelry. There are many amazing options for using leaves as a shape for handmade jewelry using beads, metals, clay, and fabric.
    • Knit a leaf bracelet.
    • Make a bracelet from leaves.
    • Make a leaf bracelet using beads.
    • Shape a leaf necklace from metal.
    • Craft a leaf from clay.
    • Make a felt leaf brooch.

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