How to Choose Kitchen Interior Paint Colors

Kitchen wall colors can dramatically change the look of your interior. The colors must blend perfectly with existing elements of the kitchen (such as cabinetry, flooring and windows) and consideration must also be given to the feel that you want to create in the kitchen. When choosing the colors for the kitchen interior, there are various things to consider with respect to type of paint and using color to create the theme and mood.


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    Consider the two important factors when choosing interior paint colors for the kitchen. These are: paint finish and paint colors.
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    Make a decision based on the paint types. Different finishing types are available for a kitchen and you'll need to understand what each paint can (or can't) do, in order to choose the right type:
    • Flat/matte: This is the best color to hide imperfections on your wall, but it is very difficult to clean. It is not so good for a kitchen wall, but you can use it on the kitchen ceiling.
    • Satin: Satin finish has a soft and silky kind of look. Satin finish is perfect for the kitchen as it can resist dirt, stains, water, oil, etc. The pearl like finish is easy to scrub.
    • Gloss: This is very easy to clean. But it is not recommended for the kitchen because it highlights the imperfections. It is the most difficult to touch-up as well.
    • Semi-gloss: This has lightly glowing finish and thus makes a great choice for a kitchen. You can use it for the backsplash because it is durable, wipe-able and resists humidity. This finish is very easy to scrub but it is difficult to touch up if anything scratches or stains it.
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    Make sure to choose the right theme. Various color themes are available for kitchen:
    • Neutral and soft colors: These colors give a clean look to your interior.
    • Strong : Strong colors create a lively and bold look for your kitchen. You can use trendy and modern colors, such as magenta, red, etc.
    • Warm: Warm and cozy colors are created by using bright, wooden and earthy colors.
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    • Cool : For a cool and soothing environment, use shades of blue, white and other similar colors.
    • Vibrant: Bright colors give off a high energy; this can help to elevate your mood and gives a creative look to your interior. Go for purple or green.
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    • Combo: Experiment with different colors and themes to create a combo.
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    Make your choice. If your chosen color satisfies all these conditions, then it is definitely the perfect choice.


  • Painting is an easy and inexpensive DIY project to give new life to an old kitchen.
  • Some colors shades looks different after painting, so doing a patch test is important to make sure that you are getting the colors you actually want for your kitchen interior.
  • Always start with sanding and filling any holes, cracks or dents. Prepare the space before painting to get perfect look.
  • Priming is important if you are painting over dark colors or new walls. It helps to tint the primer.

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