How to Choose Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to your wedding day, you as the bride are on display. It is your day and everyone's eyes will be on you. For this reason, you must look your best, and your dress, accessories, and hair should be perfect. When the time comes to choose jewelry for your wedding day, you should follow some specific guidelines in order to select the right items.


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    Don't pick jewelry for the sake of wearing jewelry. In some cases, you may not need it. The style of your dress is the best indicator as to whether you need jewelry. If your wedding dress is busy with diamonds, pearls, and sequins, or its fabric goes high at the neck and long on the sleeves, then adding bridal jewelry may make the final look too garish.
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    Enhance the beauty of your dress with jewelry, don't ruin or hide it when selecting bridal jewelry. This is why you should allow your dress to decide what is needed as far as jewelry. Do you have a lower neckline that a necklace and earrings would complement? Are your sleeves short enough for a bracelet to be added gracefully?
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    Reflect the type of jewelry with various features of your dress. For example, if your dress boasts specific color gems, pearls, or sequins, then consider jewelry that matches this in a balanced fashion. Don't overdo it, however. In some cases if the gems are liberal on a dress, then balance is created by selecting jewelry that is simpler.
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    Allow your hairstyle to dictate Wedding Jewellery online selection. If you are wearing your hair up, then earrings that hang may be appropriate. But, again, don't select anything that takes over the finished look. Every item of jewelry you choose needs to complement your dress as a whole, and your final look needs to show you off, not camouflage you.
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    Choose jewelry that reflects your personality and who you are. You want to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. You have presumably selected a dress that matches your personality, so do the same with your jewelry. If you feel more comfortable with simpler jewelry, then select items that match your dress and your personal style.


  • Look through bridal magazines for jewelry ideas. Or, if possible, consider discussing options with the person who designed your dress.
  • Select what you need, not what you want. Wedding day jewelry has a reputation of being over the top, but your selection should be based on the style of your wedding dress, your own personal features, and the overall look you are attempting to achieve.

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