How to Choose Flowers for a New Baby

There are numerous options when selecting flowers to present to the proud parents of a new baby. This article provides some pointers to help you out.


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    Find out whether it is a boy or a girl. Asking whether the new arrival is a boy or a girl is a good place to start. For the traditionalist, this will mean a choice of blue or pink flowers - or even a mixture of both if celebrating the birth of boy and girl twins! Of course, don't let convention hold you back in your choice of colours. Gerberas in primary colours, or a white and green combo of lilac and ruscus, are also very effective in new baby bouquets. In the case of a seriously premature or sick baby, it might be prudent to hold off sending an arrangement until the baby is in good health.
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    Select the arrangement. The florist will be open to any floral preferences you may have, but will also be happy to suggest suitable seasonal flowers.
    • For a pink arrangement, consider such flowers as:
      • Stargazer lilies
      • Bouvardia
      • Lisianthus
      • Sweet akito rose
      • Ruscus
      • Cymbidium orchid
    • For a true blue arrangement, consider such flowers as:
      • Flox
      • Freesia
      • Thistles
      • Hyacinth
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    Consider other elements of the arrangement. The next choice will be whether you want an arrangement in a container or a bouquet. Flowers either in a basket or ceramic pot are a practical option for busy new mothers. Another attractive option is to present a potted plant, like a miniature rose, as a gift - whilst marking the baby's birth, it will also mark the baby's growth.
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    Add accessories. New baby floral arrangements are all about accessorizing. This is an opportunity to introduce a bit of your own style into the gift. Accessories range from balloons accompanying the arrangement, to teddy bears and sweets.
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    Build on a theme. A few decades ago feathery storks with flowers were all the rage. The current trend is to send 'Pampers Hampers'. These are floral gifts accompanied by a basket of useful baby products.
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    Be a caring husband. For the fathers only - presenting your wife with an elegant bunch of roses following the birth of your baby is a lovely touch. She may worry about resembling a beached whale, but a gesture like this will make her feel like a princess!


  • It is good idea to know the floral preferences of the mother and also whether she suffers from hay fever. You don't want to be responsible for adding to her burden!

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