How to Choose Flooring for a Garage

What’s your garage for? One of the deciding factors for choosing suitable garage flooring is what you will actually use your garage for. This is important because you’re not going to install carpet if you are planning to use your garage for storing a car. It also depends on your preferences too. If you’re not fussed about what the interior will look like then you are more likely to choose concrete over expensive stone flooring. In our five part series on how to build a garage, this lens looks at how to choose suitable garage flooring. Let’s get started.


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    Debate between getting cheap flooring or expensive. If you are only going to use your garage to store various items and you won’t be using it on a daily basis, then a cheap option is concrete. This material is easy to clean and will last for a number of years, providing it has been laid correctly. The downside to this material is that it’s not comfortable to kneel on if you are planning to use your garage as more of a workshop. As most garages are completed with concrete flooring, you won’t need to add any anything on top of this surface, which means that you will be saving money.
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    Pick coloured topping. If you want your garage to look a bit smarter, you might decide to go for a coloured topping. This will cost you more money and is a little trickier to apply to an existing garage, but you can choose the colour you want. This covering won’t crack as easy as concrete and again, because of the finish that is left on the surface, it is very easy to clean. It might not be the most comfortable surface to work on but it will look better than concrete and can hide oil spills from the car if you go for a black topping. This might be a more suitable option for your garage.
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    Use Interlocking tiles. This is a great option if you are particularly fussy. Reason being, there are a number of patterns, colours and designs to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find something you like. Once you buy enough packs to cover the surface area of your garage floor, they are easy to install. The tiles will interlock together, so you can start from one end of the garage and work your way down, completing the process in about half an hour. This will obviously vary, depending on the size of your garage, which will also have a bearing on the price too.
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    Consider carpet. If you are going to convert your garage into a room for the kids or another room on the side of your house then carpet might be a suitable flooring option. You would however need to add an underlay before the carpet can sit on top, as opposed to placing the carpet directly on top of the concrete. If it’s laid properly, carpet can add an extra layer for insulation and it will be the most comfortable option for you, compared to those mentioned above. If you are going to choose this option then it’s best to get the professionals in to lay the carpet, so that it doesn’t move underneath you when you and your family are using your garage.
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    Draw your conclusion. That’s essentially the pick of the best options for your garage in terms of flooring. Like we said, work out what you will be using your garage for first, before finding a suitable flooring option. Consider aesthetics too and make a decision based on these two factors. You should be able to find something suitable for your requirements as you have a number of options to choose from.

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