How to Choose Christmas Gifts for a New Baby

Choosing a present for a new baby any time is usually fun, but choosing something to be a new baby's Christmas gift is even nicer! Babies are usually greatly anticipated, and as well as the occasion being baby's first Christmas, there may be other firsts to recognize, such as first baby in a family, first son or daughter, or first grandchild, and all of this can influence your choice of Christmas gift for a new baby. Just don't overspend on your budget or buy things the baby or the parents won't love.


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    Think about what you want the gift to do for the new baby and his or her parent(s). Do you want to buy something practical? Something personalized? Something for Christmas or something that can be used all year? Something the baby can use now? A gift for baby to cherish for his or her whole life? There are a lot of things to consider and some gifts will serve multiple purposes; for example, a cute reindeer baby outfit with a little hood with antlers can be used now (if you get the right size), is practical, and could be kept and treasured as a doll or teddy outfit in the future.
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    Decide how much you want to spend once you've narrowed down the type of gift you're buying. Remember that lots of baby stuff is only practical for a while. Clothes, educational toys, and cribs will all be grown out of, so decide whether or not you want to spend a lot of money on these sorts of items.
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    Choose a gift that will mean something to the baby and its parents for all time. Items bought for a newborn at Christmas can become family heirlooms, and, whilst they don't have to be expensive, they can be priceless. Some suggestions for gifts to cherish include:
    • Illustrated fairy tale book
    • Personalized Christmas tree decorations. These are available named and dated, and can look like an egg that says something like "Chris's First Christmas 2014".
    • Collectible or antique toys, such as a Steiff teddy bear
    • Antique traditional toys, such as dolls, boats, or trains.
    • Precious metal items, such as a silver teething ring or money box. These are often given as Christening gifts, but not all babies are christened and you can give these as Christmas gifts if you like.
    • If the newborn is a new brother or sister for another child, you can buy gifts for both with a theme.
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    Look around in baby stores to see what's popular if you don't have a practical gift in mind. If you haven't bought baby things for a while, you may not know what the latest gadgets, trends and popular items are. Try Babies-R-Us, Toys-R-Us or similar stores in your location if you want something 'high street'. Try looking online (you don't have to purchase online, but you can research the latest innovations for babies) or in boutique stores if you're looking for something special or unique.
    • Consider diapers and baby formula, but those things aren't very Christmas-like or festive. If you do go this route, make sure you know the exact requirements of the baby. You'll need to ask parents, that will take away any surprise element from your gift of course, although, most parents of a newborn would be pretty surprised to get diapers and formula for Christmas. Additionally, the parents will probably have all the diapers and formula they need beforehand from being planned parents and from baby shower gifts. Mom may even be breastfeeding, making formula redundant.
    • Look at blankets and things that can keep the baby warm. You can get a specific Receiving Blanket (for those places that can get warm all year long) or a cozy thermal baby blanket that can be used in cold weather. Blankets can be really great Christmas gifts for a newborn. Even for places that aren't warm all year long, Receiving Blankets are almost always a plus, unless the parents already have stacks from the baby shower. A cute, warm festive themed blanket could be a lovely gift for a newborn in a cold Christmas climate. Some babies have the same blanket their whole childhood, as a comfort, stroking it and always sleeping with it, like a Snuggie or a Blankie. Your gift of the right blanket could last the baby a lifetime!
    • Look for soothing items (soothers) such as pacifiers (make sure the parents are allowing them). They are an indelible point of some baby's needs, that not many parents buy too many of. You can never find a pacifier when you absolutely need one, and it's always best if one is on hand whatever room the baby is presently in. These are a good idea if money is short and festive themed items are available.
    • Look for diaper-rash ointment or baby powder along with some baby oil or baby lotion (unscented at first, if the baby has been found to be allergic to the scents or detergent that's being used). If nothing else, baby wipes are always a plus/need but exceedingly boring and not festive in the least.
    • Look for common things that should be stocked in a medicine area. These can include digital thermometers, re-hydrating fluids (Pedialyte), and pain relievers, which are all very practical and useful.
    • Look for bath supplies. Whether it's baby soap or baby shampoo, a baby comb or the like, these supplies are always necessary. If you are also able to find for the child for later, a character hoodie bath towel is a great idea. Most kids, later on, get a kick out of using them, and they are a good motivator when the child becomes older, to motivate them to take a bath when they normally kick and scream (chant-wise) "No bath! No bath! No bath!"
    • Forgo buying big pieces of furniture, unless the parents request specific items. The parents will have purchased these pieces as soon as they were able to. Car seats can also be included in this list and were needed upon first transport home from the hospital.
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    Get some soft toys the baby can play with. Soft toys are available for newborns but choose carefully with safety in mind. Don't be offended when you don't see baby sleeping with the toy in his/her crib as common practice today is not to actually lay toys down in the crib with a baby (for fear of SIDS and suffocation risk). Baby can play with these when he or she is old enough to do so and they can be used as decorative items in the nursery. There's a huge range of toys available for newborn babies and infants of all ages. Buy a toy baby can use now, like a crib-mobile with a built in nursery rhyme player or something for when they are a little older.
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    Look for some clothes for the baby. Items of clothing can be great newborn Christmas gifts. If you are planning ahead and the baby hasn't been born yet and the parents don't know or haven't told you the sex, make sure that the clothes are gender-neutral. Buy a teeny tiny super cute baby grow with jingle bell images stamped all over if you have your heart set on it. It's Christmas, it's okay to be indulgent, especially if the baby is a long awaited first child.
    • You can be practical and plan for the child to grow into clothes if you prefer (add two sizes larger than the age of the child at the current time). Don't go crazy trying to add 3 sizes larger, as 3-sizes can cause a falling hazard once baby is toddling although a sensible parent won't dress their toddler in anything too big and will put items aside until they are suitable. This is where you may want to reconsider that baby Santa suit; baby might not look so cute in it come Easter, so if you choose Christmas themed clothes, try to make sure they fit at Christmas if at all possible. Whether it's a blanket sleeper (for use at least during the Winter) or a onesies for Spring and Summer-use later on, or even other clothes such as dresses or pants, clothes are a really great thing that most parents don't think their baby can have too many of.
    • Shoes or slippers won't be needed by baby yet but you can buy these items if you want to. Baby shoes are some of the most adorable items in children's retail so go ahead, buy tiny sneakers, gum boots or booties if you want to. They can be displayed, put to one side or 'Borrowed' by a teddy or doll until needed. It's Christmas, you're gift shopping, indulge if you want to.
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    Knit booties for baby if you like or knit other items like clothing and blankets. If you are good at other crafts, a hand made toy is a lovely gift, just remember that baby may never be able to play with it without supervision by a parent.
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    Offer to pay for a photographic sessions, to lessen the cost of having pictures taken at the hospital (if provided) or at a photography studio by the parents.
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    Look into finding help for the parents in the form of a babysitter who can be paid by you. It doesn't just have to be a month - even a night's worth of help is better than nothing. Parents always enjoy help.


  • Assuming the baby hasn't torn into the package and ripped it to shreds, not likely with a newborn, try to save the first wrapping paper from the first gift the baby received. Place it into a Baby memento book for when the baby is older and can understand the book.
  • If there is a Walmart Supercenter (or very similar) around, grab some ideas for perfect gifts for the child.
  • Be cautious of purchasing Christmas gifts online for a new baby. For new babies, you may need to be able to see and sample the product in front of you - something you can't seriously do to online purchases.
  • Look for lullaby music in the form of a CD or files that can be downloaded and used on a computer (if the parents have computers that they commonly use to help soothe the baby at night). CDs are always a good media form to use, though they too are going out of style in favor of online media files.
  • Forgo buying baby care DVDs. There are other forms of information found online with just a few taps of a finger.


  • Be careful if buying furniture at second-hand stores. Older furniture may not be up to proper codes and may cause injuries to the child. However, most of everything else can be properly bought at second-hand shops.

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