How to Choose Chevy Truck Seat Covers

When choosing Chevy Truck Seat Covers, there are several variables to consider, standard vs. custom, type of fabrics, accessories, installation, etc. Let's take a look at the following tips to help you make the best decision. Enjoy!


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    Decide on a budget : Different Chevy truck seat covers are available in the market. The price range is between $50 USD and $300 USD, depending on model, fabric, custom requirements, etc.
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    Consider the fit : A universal or custom fit style is possible as well as semi-custom fit, in a wide choice of fabrics. Custom styles should fit any Chevy truck model. Custom covers should fit fold down arm rests, built-in air bags, in-seat shoulder belts as well as control lever cut-outs.
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    Choose Standard leather : Leather is particularly popular because it looks really great and is very durable. You can get premium grade leather to cover your truck seats without having to spend a fortune. Don't to have back trims and sides in a matching color vinyl.
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    Choose Custom leather : Chevy truck seat covers in leather can be tailored and cut for a perfect fit. They should come with strong buckles and premium zippers for easy slip on installation. Also, you should ask if the cover fits over factory folding consoles and armrests (where applicable, matching headrest and armrest covers are included). Custom leather Chevy truck seat covers should also come with support for built-in seat belts.
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    Choose Poly-cotton fabric : Covers in breathable, heavy duty poly-cotton fabric are also in demand because they do not stick to you as neoprene or vinyl seat covers will. In addition, they are washer and dryer safe. If they get dirty, just put them in the washer and dryer and then slip them back on.
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    Choose Sheepskin : Sheepskin seat covers are normally made out of high quality sheepskin from Australia or New Zealand. This material is handcrafted, very comfortable and classy. Make sure the seat covers will fit every contour of the seats as well as the side panels and skirts.


  • Added protection with a water repellent finish is a great idea to protect against grease, dirt, food, spills and much more. This is a very economical way to protect your investment.
  • Chevy truck seat covers made out poly-cotton fabric will get more comfortable and softer after they are washed. However, it is recommended to re-spray the finish every 5 or 6 washings.
  • Extra large rear pockets is a nice feature to consider as it will keep your belongings organized.
  • With respect to sheepskin, the wool will likely turn back to its natural curly state, after being washed. You can restore the fluffy appearance by brushing the fabric before and after it drying. Gently brush with a wire comb or pet brush to get optimal results.


  • No tools should be required for installation and removal
  • Seat covers must accommodate built-in air bags, fold down arm rests, in-seat shoulder belts and control lever cut-outs. These specifications should be mentioned at the time of your order.

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