How to Choose Beetroot

Beetroot is a fabulous winter vegetable that brings a vibrancy to salad and main meal dishes. Selecting quality beetroot is easy if your follow these steps.


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    Look for hard, firm beetroot when buying. If it is soft, it is too old. The skin should be smooth.
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    Look at the leaves. If you are purchasing beetroot that has leaves (which is preferred), make sure that they are green, moist, and not wilted. Yellowed and wilted leaves are a sign that the beetroot has been around too long.
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    Select unblemished beetroot with firm roots. Damaged beetroot can be eaten but it will not store well.
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    Prefer smaller beetroots over larger ones. They are usually sweeter.


  • Beetroots can be eaten raw or cooked.
  • Older beetroot tends to have lost its sugars, which turn to starch. This makes the beetroot texture turn "fluffy" and it is less palatable than when it is sweet and new.
  • Beetroot is at its best between June to November in the southern hemisphere.
  • Fresh, unblemished beetroot will store for 10 days or so in a refrigerator crisper. [1] Remove the stalks and leaves and keep these in a separate bag (these can be eaten too).

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