How to Choose Bedding for Dogs

Dogs enjoy having their own beds to curl up on for a nap or for a night's sleep. Beds designed especially for canine use provide comfort and support for a dog's body that is beneficial to his or her joints and bones. Dog bedding comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, materials and sizes to accommodate any type of dog. When learning how to choose bedding for dogs, it is important to keep in mind your dog's size, sleeping patterns and any special requirements he or she might have, such as joint pain. With these needs in mind, you will be able to find quality, comfortable bedding that your dog will enjoy curling up on for years.


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    Determine you dog's bedding needs, such as size, type and special requirements.
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    Take your dog's measurements for comparing bed sizes.
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    Consider your dog's health before selecting a dog bed.
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    Dog bedding with therapeutic qualities such as heating or cooling elements are available for dogs with special needs such as aging or arthritis.
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    Decide on dog bedding to purchase based on the color and style that fits your preference and home decoration.
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    Take into consideration the size of the area where you will be placing your dog's bed and make sure that the bed you select will fit.
    • For example, if you plan to put your dog's bed in a crate, be sure to have the measurements of the crate and measure the bedding to fit.
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    Visit your local pet supply or retail store and select bedding for your dog.
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    Purchase your dog bedding once you have carefully determined the best type for your pet.


  • When selecting dog bedding, consider bedding that has a waterproof covering over the inside stuffing. This type of bedding is beneficial if you have a dog that enjoys playing in water or if your dog drools or urinates when sleeping. The outside cover is easily removable for washing, and the liquid will not soak through the protective waterproof cover to the inside contents. It can simply be wiped dry.
  • If you have more than one dog, consider purchasing a dog bed for each one. Though some dogs like to curl up together, most enjoying having a bed of their own.
  • When learning how to choose bedding for dogs, take into consideration how your dog likes to sleep. If he or she likes to sprawl out when resting, purchase a larger dog bed. If he or she likes to curl up in a ball, consider a round or donut dog bed with contours.
  • Choose dog bedding with a removable cover for the most convenience when it is time to wash it.


  • Do not purchase a bed that is elevated if you have a dog with health problems such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. A soft, pillow type bed is best, and one that is also heated will be therapeutic for your dog.
  • Do not purchase a dog bed that is made of thin or destructible material, especially if your dog is very active or likes to chew. Your dog could easily destroy this type of bedding. Instead, look for a dog bed made of thick, sturdy material.
  • If your dog is still a puppy, do not purchase bedding to fit his current size. The bed will not fit your puppy's need when he or she is grown. Instead, consider your dog's breed and purchase a bed that will fit his or her adult size.

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