How to Choose Bathroom Towel Colors

Three Methods:Choosing the Appropriate Colors for Your TowelsUsing Your Bathroom as InspirationSelecting Additional Bathroom Linens

Adding towels to your bathroom is not only a hygienic necessity, it’s also a way to quickly and easily makeover your space. When you don’t have the time and money to redo your entire bathroom, bathroom towels can be used to add a pop of color and personality to a previously dull room.

Method 1
Choosing the Appropriate Colors for Your Towels

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    Choose white towels. If you are someone who likes the look of clean lines, white towels may be for you. White towels call to mind the look and feel of a hotel or spa bathroom, and they’ll go perfectly with any bathroom or preexisting décor.[1]
    • Light colored towels last longer and do not fade as obviously as darker colored towels do.
    • If your bathroom is already neutral, avoid white towels.
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    Choose colored towels. If your bathroom is currently neutral, colored towels are the easiest way to add visual interest. And because there are so many shades available, you don't have to tie yourself down to just one color.[2]
    • Create an ombre effect with your bathroom towels by buying different sized towels in various shades of the same color. Buy your largest towels in the darkest shade and lighten the shade as the size of your towels decrease.
    • If your bathroom is already brightly colored, gravitate towards more neutral towel colors.
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    Look for fun patterns. Patterned towels show a great deal of color interest and are a great way to tie the different shades of your bathroom together. Look for tones that already exist in your bathroom and try to find a towel that infuses those color tones into the towel’s pattern.[3]
    • If you have a tile floor, look to mirror the tile’s color in your patterned towels.
    • If you already have a heavily patterned shower curtain, steer away from using additional patterns in your towels.
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    Mix patterns within your towels. Layering patterns within your towels is a cool and easy way to make your towel display look more textured. Start off with a basic white bath towel with a colored accent, like stripes. Add an accent hand towel and top the whole thing off with a monogrammed washcloth.[4]
    • Monograms are an easy and classy way to lend some sophistication to a bathroom.
    • The more high quality your towels are, the more impressive your pattern mixing will look.
    • Mix polka dots with stripes for a preppy vibe.
    • Alternate chevron with stripes for a more modern look.
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    Embrace floral towels. Floral towels aren’t just for your grandmother’s bathroom; they’re also a great way to infuse your bathroom with a country-chic style. Set floral towels against solid towels to give your bathroom a vintage throwback feel.[5]
    • Do not mix floral patterns, as this will prove visually overwhelming.
    • Buy floral hand towels and set them against larger bathroom linens in a pale pink or ivory tone.

Method 2
Using Your Bathroom as Inspiration

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    Integrate your bathroom's current color. If your bathroom is already painted or tiled, there are certain bath towel colors that will automatically work with your current color scheme. If your bathroom is painted gray, try adding canary yellow bath towels.[6]
    • If your bathroom is black and white, add pink towels for a feminine flair.
    • If your bathroom is purple, add towels in a chocolate brown color to bring some warmth to the room.
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    Be conscious of the size of your bathroom. Small bathrooms can easily look cramped and your colored bath towels can make a small bathroom look even smaller. If you have a small bathroom, stick with neutral shades for your towels; they’ll make your bathroom appear bigger and more open.[7]
    • Choose dark and bold colors for larger bathrooms. They’ll make your bathroom feel more intimate.
    • If you have a smaller bathroom, you may need smaller towels. Bath sheets (oversized bath towels) typically won’t fit on the hooks in small bathrooms, so buy bath towels instead.
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    Consider your location. If you’re decorating a beach house bathroom, look for towels with a palm tree or seashell pattern. If you’re decorating a bathroom with Spanish tile, use lots of earth and jewel tones. Use your towels to support the design that already exists within the house.[8]
    • If you’re unsure whether a pattern will go with your already existing décor, it’s better to be too subtle than too bold.
    • Make sure to save receipts for all towel purchases, in case you don’t like the way your towels look in the space.
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    Look online for inspiration. The Internet is the perfect place to look for bathroom decorating ideas. Check out Pinterest for inspirational bathroom looks, or look on store websites to see which towels they recommend pairing together.
    • Remember, your towels should complement the bathroom you already have. Don’t buy towels just because they looked good in someone else’s bathroom; they will not look the same in yours.
    • Design sites like Apartment Therapy and Houzz are also good resources for finding inspiration and sharing your work with others.

Method 3
Selecting Additional Bathroom Linens

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    Cover all your towel bases. If you’re upgrading your towels, make sure you buy a wide variety of sizes. Every bathroom should be equipped with bath towels, hand towels and face cloths, at the bare minimum.[9]
    • Bath towels are generally 27”x52” (69 x 132cm) and are preferred for wiping down after showers.
    • Bath sheets are 35”x60” (89 x 152cm) and are ideal for people who prefer a bit more towel coverage after a shower.
    • Hand towels are 16”x30” (41 x 76cm) and are everyday towels for wiping hands.
    • Face or wash cloths are 13”x13” (33 x 33cm) and are ideal for spot cleaning, in and out of the shower.
    • If you’re feeling extra ambitious, add bath sheets and finger towels to your shopping list.
    • Buy at least four of each size towel. You’ll want to have extras in case your towels are in the wash, or for when you have guests visiting.
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    Choose a bathmat. Bathmats are necessary for protecting your floors from shower moisture, but they can also be another source of color. Your bathmat should compliment your towel choices, but not replicate them exactly.[10]
    • If you are using patterned towels, buy a bathmat in one of your towel’s color tones.
    • Do not select a bathmat that is not washable. There are some beautiful non-washable bathmats out there, but they’re not practical for most bathrooms. Only purchase a non-washable bathmat if you don’t expect anyone to actually use the bath or shower in that particular bathroom.
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    Skip toilet linens. Top, seat covers and rug bases used to be very popular bathroom accessories, but they’re not terribly hygienic. Bathroom linens like these trap moisture, dust and bacteria and are therefore not recommended for use in your bathroom.[11]
    • Add some color around your toilet by adding some greenery in the form of a potted plant or succulent.
    • If you’d like to add additional color by your toilet, hang some fun art across from the toilet (but not so high that your guests will have to break their necks to look at it).


  • Bath towels should be washed every four uses.
  • Hand towels should be washed every two to three days.
  • Bath mats should be washed every one to two weeks.

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