How to Choose and Love a Cabbage Patch Kid

So.. You're going to buy a Cabbage Patch Kid but you don't know how to take care of it? And you probably need help choosing the cutie too. No need! This article is for you!


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    Visit the store and get your Cabbage Patch Kid. When buying Cabbage Patch Kids, Walmart and Zellers sell best in Canada. In United States, Target and K Mart also have great Cabbage Patch Kids.
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    Take him/her out of the packaging. He or she probably feels really distressed and would need a big hug from mommy or daddy (you!).
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    Settle down with your cutie. Give him/her a name. Cute names are Sarah, Alice, Faith, Iris or Elizabeth for a girl. Cute names for boys are Michael, Clyde, Sammy or Daniel. Pick what you like just make sure you are both satisfied. Remember: If you got one from Babyland general, the website or a shop, your cutie probably already has a name and birth certificate. This step isn't necessary if you got one from there but it is if you got one from eBay or Amazon.
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    Cuddle up with your cutie on the sofa. Put something babyish on the TV. Good toddler programmes would be Winnie The Pooh, Chuggington or Teletubbies. If your cabbage patch starts crying, switch it off immediately! Don't let him/her watch scary or inappropriate movies.
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    Feed your friend. Make pretend food from coloured clay or paper. Feed it gently and if she/he is thirsty, get her/him a pretend bottle with milk.
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    Take them to the playground or your garden if you have one. If you go to the playground make sure your cutie gets a turn on the swings! If you go on the slide hold him/her every second! Another good way of getting exercise is going for a walk in the woods.
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    Take your darling upstairs to the bath and undress him/her. PRETEND to fill the bathtub with water and give it a fake wash. Try not to get soap in your cuties eyes!! When you're done wrap them in a fluffy towel and get them in their pajamas
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    Give them a little snack. Sit in a chair with them on your lap and give them maybe a cookie and milk. Don't make it to big, just a little thing to fill their rumbling tummies!
  9. 9
    Read them a story. On their first night read a selection of books and see which one is their favourite. When you find out, try getting a series of those books and read a different one every night. When you run out of those sorts of books, try getting them to enjoy a different series.
  10. 10
    Put them into bed! Tuck them up in a fake cot. If they are terrified of the dark, don't get mad with them, they are only little and who knows what is lurking about in their precious little minds. Just turn on a night light and all will be well! If they enjoy it, sing them a little song.


  • When you go to the Park make sure your little one gets a turn on the swingset. Baby swings are good for Cabbage Patch Kids.
  • If your Cabbage Patch every gets dirty don't worry! Use a wet paper towel and scrub the dirt off. After apply doll powder. Buy some at the American Girl store or a Retail Store.
  • When you make the Cabbage Patch kids bed, use 2 or more sheets/old drapes and but them in a laundry basket. Fill the Laundry basket to the top. Then add a Pillow. Make sure to have permission.
  • When making food, always ask for Play-Doh. When making it use imagination.
  • When you go on a walk, take a baby buggy carrier or a small backpack and carry it like a normal backpack to keep them safe. If you don't have one, don't let them out of your arms.
  • Be creative when making food!
  • When you go to school, leave them at home.
  • Don't play with their yarn hair or they could get hurt.


  • Don't make a bed too high for your Cabbage Patch. Also, if your little cousins or brothers/sisters like fiddling with your stuff keep the Cabbage Patch in your room or out of reach of your pesky relatives or family members.
  • When you go to the park, make sure you're beside your cutie at every minute. She/he may get dirty or scratched, even stolen. Hold onto the doll when its on slides,swings etc.
  • When you take a bath, never take your Cabbage Patch in the tub with you. It will get wet and be ruined. Cabbage Patch kids can't have contact with water.
  • If its raining, get exercise indoors! Try playing hide and seek, (Keep an eye on them at ALL TIMES, even if your counting) or maybe let them look out the open window, this will give them fresh air.
  • If you take them to school you are taking the risk of them getting stolen!
  • When you make Play-Doh food, never eat it yourself. Always ask if you're not sure. Also never feed your doll directly because it may get dirty.
  • In the bath, keep their head out of the water, they could drown!

Things You'll Need

  • Cabbage Patch Kid
  • 2 or more sheets/old drapes and a laundry basket
  • Patience
  • Imagination
  • Friends
  • Play-Doh

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