How to Choose an Open Handheld Console

An Open Handheld Console offers great opportunities and can be easier to manipulate than a Nintendo DS or Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). They're great for homebrew and emulation (running emulators).


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    Pick a Manufacturer. Varying levels of community support exist.
    • Dingoo
      • A320 (2009)
      • A330 (2009)[1]
      • A380 (2011)
    • Game Park
      • GP2X (2005)
      • GP2X Wiz (2009)
      • Caanoo (2010)
    • Let Cool
    • Open Pandora
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    Pick your operating system.
    • Linux
    • Android
    • uc/OC-II
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    Do you want touchscreen?
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    Does it support multiple controllers and players?
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    Does it play whilst charging?
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    Consider whether you want D-pad, stick controller, digital buttons, support for USB controllers, etc.
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    Battery life, capacity and particularly screen size might also be considerations you wish to take into account.


  • Consider price.
  • Consider what emulators it supports, since a lot are used for retro gaming.
  • Look up reviews on video sharing websites.
  • Look up comparisons.
  • Check there is a TV out.


  • Don't be sold ones you don't want like old ones or fake ones.
  • This can be more difficult to manipulate than a DS or a PSP. It might not do everything you want straight out of the box.
  • They're not easy to obtain. Support isn't the same as Sony or Nintendo.

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